What We Do

What We Do

Product, Audience & Competitor Research

Site Audit – Technical, Content, UI, Conversions

SEO and Content Strategy

Article writing/ Page creation

Conversion Optimization and Lead nurturing

SEO monitoring and reporting


collaboration with your team



Product, Audience & Competitor Research

We start off by learning about:

  • Your product and use cases.
  • Who your ideal customers are.
  • What additional personas you could target with SEO.
  • Who your key competitors are – their current traffic, organic keywords, paid keywords, conversion methodologies.


Site Audit – Technical, Content, UI, Conversions

We run an audit of your website, including:

  • Content hubs – blog, pages.
  • Core Web Vitals.
  • Page and article UI.
  • Conversion opt-ins/ funnels.
  • Site architecture, navigation, internal links, category pages, URL structures, etc.


SEO and Content Strategy

We create a content strategy for you, based on

  • Traffic and conversion goals.
  • Monthly budget.
  • What keywords you want to rank for.
  • Number of articles/pages you would like in a month.


We also plan out SEO activities like:

  • Site architecture changes
  • Monthly budget
  • Navigation
  • Metas
  • Page and article UI, etc.


Article Writing/ Page Creation

Before working on the full draft, we prepare an outline of the article and send it to you for approval.

This helps us agree on the content and minimizes edits to the full draft, speeding up the production process.

Outline approvals are an optional step that you can skip after the first few articles.

After we send you the full draft, you can request further edits within the scope of the outline.


Conversion Optimization and Lead Nurturing

This Includes:

  • Creating global/category-specific CTAs in existing articles.
  • Creating and optimizing landing pages.
  • Creating and optimizing opt-ins (pop-ups).
  • Optimizing your drip email campaigns.
  • Recommending retargeting campaigns to target SEO visitors.


SEO Monitoring and Reporting

We track specific keywords you want to rank for, traffic growth and send you monthly reports.

We also run periodic audits on your website to make sure that the technical side of things keeps running smoothly.

We have monthly calls to discuss SEO stats and conversions.


Collaboration with Your Team

Think of us as an extension of your internal marketing team. We would work closely with your SEO/Content team.

We would also like to collaborate with your:

  • Google search ads team to brainstorm on what keyword clusters to target for SEO.
  • Ads team to brainstorm on targeting SEO-visitors with retargeting campaigns.
  • Web development teams to work on site architecture and UI changes.