Top 17 Venture Capital Firms in Singapore (2024)

Top 17 Venture Capital Firms in Singapore (2024)

Singapore is well-known for being one of the world’s most exciting venture capital hubs.

To help you narrow down your search, we’ll go over some of the top VC firms based in Singapore. We’ll cover their investment focus, fund size, and more to help you find the right VC firm for your needs.

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Here’s Our List of VC Firms to Watch in Singapore:

1. Blue Owl Capital

Locations: New York, Chicago, Greenwich 1, Greenwich 2, Hong Kong, London, Menlo Park, Short Hills, Singapore, Tokyo
Investment Focus: Technology
Investment Stages: Series C, Series D
Portfolio Size: 69

2. The Yield Lab Europe

Locations: Dublin, Galway, Singapore, Buenos Aires, St. Louis
Investment Focus: Agriculture & Food, AgriTech
Investment Stages: Early Stage
Portfolio Size: 54

3. BITKRAFT Ventures

Locations: Denver, Los Angeles, NYC, Lisbon, Madrid, London, Berlin, Cape Town, Singapore, Seoul
Investment Focus: Synthetic Reality, Gaming, Esports, Interactive Media, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Gaming
Investment Stages: Seed Stage, Series A, Series B
Portfolio Size: 132

4. Illuminate Financial

Locations: London, New York, Singapore
Investment Focus: Technology, FinTech, Enterprise Software, Digital Assets, Financial Services, Sustainability
Investment Stages: Late Seed Stage, Series B
Portfolio Size: 36

5. FTI Delta

Locations: London, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Dallas, Denver, Doha, Dubai, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, Riyadh, San Francisco, Singapore, Toronto
Investment Focus: Technology, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Consumer Technology, Semiconductors, Hardware, Media, Gaming, Telecommunications
Investment Stages: Seed Stage, Early Stage, Late Stage
Portfolio Size: 11

6. Actis

Locations: London, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, São Paulo, Mumbai, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Lagos, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Dubai, Delhi, Cairo, Austin, Paris
Investment Focus: Sustainable Infrastructure
Investment Stages: Stage Agnostic
Portfolio Size: 62

7. Inflexion

Locations: London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Stockholm, São Paulo, Shanghai, Bangalore, Singapore
Investment Focus: Business Services, Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial, Technology
Investment Stages: Growth Stage
Portfolio Size: 101

8. SuperCharger Ventures

Locations: London, Singapore, Malta
Investment Focus: EdTech
Investment Stages: Pre-Seed Stage, Seed Stage
Portfolio Size: 85+

9. Aera VC

Locations: Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore
Investment Focus: Climate Technology
Investment Stages: Early Growth Stage
Portfolio Size: 23

10. Wavemarker Partners

Locations: Los Angeles, Singapore
Investment Focus: Enterprise Technology, Digital Media, Deep Technology, Consumer Tech
Investment Stages: Early Stage
Portfolio Size: 266

11. Adams Street Partners

Locations: Chicago, Austin, Beijing, Boston, London, Menlo Park, Munich, New York, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo
Investment Focus: Consumer Products, Consumer Services, Financial Services, Healthcare, Information Technology, SaaS, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Cybersecurity, Wellness, Big Data, IoT, eCommerce, TMT, Gaming
Investment Stages: Growth Stage, Early Stage, Seed Stage
Portfolio Size: 73

12. Baird Capital

Locations: Chicago, London, Singapore
Investment Focus: B2B Technology, Healthcare, Sustainability, Industrial Automation, Data Management, Pharmaceuticals, FinTech
Investment Stages: Early Stage, Expansion Stage
Portfolio Size: 51

13. SoftBank Vision Fund

Locations: Miami, London, Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York
, Riyadh, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Washington D.C.
Investment Focus: Consumer, EdTech, Enterprise, FinTech, Frontier Tech, HealthTech, Logistics, PropTech, Transportation
Investment Stages: Late Stage
Portfolio Size: 340

14. Antler

Locations: Amsterdam, Boulder , Toronto, Austin, New York, Sydney, Jakarta, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Bengaluru, Nairobi, Lisboa, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm
Investment Focus: FoodTech, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Gaming, B2B Software, Web3, Security, E-Commerce, SaaS, Future of Work, Enterprise Software, FinTech
Investment Stages: Pre-Seed Stage
Portfolio Size: 983

15. Emerald Technology Ventures

Locations: Toronto, Zurich, Singapore
Investment Focus: Energy, Water & Wastewater, Food & Agriculture, Mobility & Urbanization, Materials & Packaging, Industrial IT
Investment Stages: Early Stage, Growth Stage
Portfolio Size: 61

16. White Star Capital

Locations: Montreal, Toronto, New York, Paris, London, Singapore
Investment Focus: HealthTech, Marketplace, SaaS, Communication, Information Technology, FinTech, Lifestyle, Food Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming
Investment Stages: Early Stage
Portfolio Size: 71

17. Global Founders Capital

Locations: Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore
Investment Focus: Sector Agnostic
Investment Stages: Pre-Seed Stage, Seed Stage
Portfolio Size: 581