The Ultimate Soovle Review (Features, Pricing, Limitations)

Want to know if Soovle is the right tool for your content marketing strategy?

Soovle is a tool that can help SEO beginners and professionals perform keyword research and get keyword ideas. The tool provides keyword data from 150 search engines and comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop feature. 

But does Soovle have what it takes to drag-and-drop your content to that number one spot on Google’s SERP?
Don’t worry – we’ll find out!

In this Soovle review, we’ll cover what Soovle is, five things the tool is best-known for, how much it costs, its limitations, and alternatives.

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Let’s go!

What is Soovle?

Soovle is a web-based keyword research tool that delivers keyword data from many search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

Soovle’s interface is super user-friendly and even lets users customize it to their heart’s content.

With this customizable engine, you can save your keyword tips for future use, and you can use the autocomplete options to get a keyword idea in seconds. 

Additionally, the tool’s developers are open to advice. You can contact them via email if you have a question or if you’ve got some great improvement tips!


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Next, we’ll take a look at how Soovle can help you find the right keywords. 

5 Things Soovle Is Best-Known for

On top of having a massive database of keywords, here are five other unique features that Soovle users love:

1. Super User-Friendly Interface

Soovle’s user interface is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly.

The tool also has an easy-to-use search box that can help you find a relevant keyword idea with ease.

For example, we typed in the seed keyword “keyword research” into Soovle’s search box, and here are the awesome keywords we got:


The above report gives us tons of long-tail keywords related to our search term “keyword research.”

Now, we can craft content around these related keyword ideas. 

In addition, if you look behind the list of related keywords, you can see that the search suggestions are for a variety of search engines like YouTube and Bing:


You can switch to a different search engine in a second (literally) by using the right arrow key on your keyboard. 

And if you ever get stuck, this long tail keyword tool has a top-secret drop-down box called “secrets” that can give you valuable tips on how to navigate the tool:


2. See the Top-Ranking Page for Each Search Term

Once you type in a search term into the Soovle search box, you’ll see a Soovled Link. 

The Soovled Link is the first-ranking page that’s likely to show up if you search for the phrase via the relevant search engine. 

For example, when we typed in “keyword tool,” we also got the potential number one page that would pop up if we did a Google search (the selected search engine) on this particular seed keyword.


Seeing the top-ranking page can give you an idea about the type of content and keyword strategies you need to churn out to reach that coveted top spot on the SERP (search engine results page)


3. Add Your Logo and Branding to Soovle

Soovle also lets you customize and personalize your keyword data by adding your logo and branding to the reports. This can be incredibly important for your SEO strategy since professional reports can help you attract more clients.

Here’s how you can add your logo to this customizable search engine:

  • Add a “logo” and “lsrc” parameter to the URL.
  • List down the search terms and set the engines you’d like your client to see.
  • Click “permalink” and send the resulting URL to the client.

4. Users Can Save Their Search Suggestions 

Soovle also lets people save specific keyword suggestions.

To do this, all you need to do is drag-and-drop a search suggestion into the Saved Suggestions list. For example, we dragged and dropped a few related keywords like “keyword research for SEO” and “keyword research tool” into the Saved Suggestions list:


Additionally, you can email the list of terms to your team or print it so you can refer to it later. This way, you won’t end up in a situation like this when your team member asks what keyword tips you found:


5. See The Top Internet Keywords

To see the most used search suggestions provided by the major service providers, simply click on the large star with the word “top” across it.

Here, you’ll see the Top Internet Keywords organized by each letter in the alphabet.


This list is compiled from the major providers of search suggestions and then aggregated for you. This keyword list can give you insight into the latest trending searches.

Additionally, if you come across a trending phrase that’s related to your business, it’d be a good idea to target that keyword since it’s what your audience is currently interested in.

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But before you become a trendsetter, let’s take a look at how much all this is gonna cost.

How Much Does Soovle Cost?

Soovle is a fantastic solution for teams who aren’t ready to invest in a paid tool.

Soovle is a completely free keyword research tool – all you need is a stable internet connection!

Yep, you heard that right. No subscription or account registration is required!

But before you jump into Soovle, let’s make sure you’re not jumping the gun.
To help you make the right decision, we’ll be covering two significant drawbacks of using Soovle for keyword research.

2 Limitations of Using Soovle

Here are two major drawbacks of using Soovle:

1. Outdated Interface

Soovle’s interface and search engine are quite outdated when compared to other robust keyword research tools.
As a result, you might not feel motivated to invest further in this keyword research tool.


However, most Soovle users don’t mind the outdated interface, especially since the tool is completely free and super easy to use!

2. It’s Not an All-Inclusive Keyword Research Solution

Although Soovle provides keyword suggestions, there’s no accompanying data like search volume, keyword difficulty, or estimated organic traffic alongside these suggestions.

As a result, you might have to import your list of keywords into another SEO tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush to analyze your target keyword further.

However, Soovle is still a great keyword research tool that can help you find tons of related keyword ideas in a jiffy.

And there’s no harm in using it alongside your other SEO tools for more comprehensive keyword research. 

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Feel like you need to do some comprehensive research on some Soovle alternatives?
Not to worry.

Next, we’ll cover two Soovle alternatives that you can try out instead.

2 Soovle Alternatives

Here are two Soovle alternatives that might meet your digital marketing needs:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a keyword research and content marketing app that can give you insight into the public’s interest in a particular keyword or topic.

With Google Trend, you can keep an eye on the right keywords, plan social media campaigns, and compare two or more search terms.  

You can also integrate this keyword tool with other Google products like Google Adword.

On the downside, the Google Trend site doesn’t let you search for a specific keyword with more than five terms. Additionally, since the data is based on trends, sometimes the numbers can be inaccurate.

And using inaccurate data to boost your SEO and content marketing efforts isn’t exactly a trend.


2. Keysearch

Keysearch is a great tool for keyword research and content marketing.

You can also use this tool to research your competitors’ keyword strategies and find other endless ways to search for that hidden-gem long tail keyword.

With Keysearch, you’ll also get crucial data points like search volume data, CPC (cost-per-click) value, and keyword difficulty scores.

The keyword tool also supports search engines like Youtube, Amazon, and eBay.

On top of that, the tool also has a list of free tools for SEO.

However, if you ever get stuck, you’ll have to rely on Keysearch’s knowledge base as the tool doesn’t offer phone or live chat support.

Guess you’ll just have to (key)search for the answers to your problems on your own.

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Is Soovle The Right SEO Tool for You?

Soovle is a great tool that offers keyword suggestions from over 100 top search engines.

Using this free keyword research tool alongside other SEO tools can help you create a comprehensive digital marketing solution.

If you want to make sense of all your keyword data or need someone to help you with your SEO and content marketing strategy, connect with the SEO experts at Startup Voyager.

We can help you create great content clusters and drive tons of organic traffic to your website!

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