What We Do


SEO Strategy

Key challenges:

  • Not ranking for your most important revenue-driving keywords
  • Unclear about how to target people not immediately looking for your product
  • Unclear about how to drive more traffic that actually converts to leads
  • Unsure about which SEO activities will actually move the needle

What We Do

We formulate a strategy that helps you target your audience, rank fast for valuable keywords, drive traffic quickly and generate MQLs.

  • Competitor Analysis: How are your competitors driving targeting audiences and driving traffic?
  • Audience Analysis: Who should you target and what are they searching for?
  • Content Audit: Auditing your existing content with GSC, GA4, etc.
  • Keyword Research: Identifying keywords that will drive traffic & MQLs fast. 
  • Technical Audits: See the technical SEO section.


Content Operations

Key challenges:

  • You create a lot of content but drive very little traffic
  • Lack of internal resources to publish high-quality content
  • Lack of internal resources for page copywriting and design

What We Do

We Create articles and pages that rank quickly, drive traffic and generate MQLs.

  • Write Articles: Extraordinary articles that rank fast and drive tons of traffic.
  • Create Pages: Create multiple landing pages that rank on Google for problem keywords and speed up conversions.


Conversion Optimization

Key challenges:

  • Your site is getting organic traffic but few conversions
  • Your site has no clear conversion pathways
  • Lack of internal resources to run extensive tests

What We Do

We 2x to 5x your MQLs even without increasing your traffic.

  • Opt-ins: creation & A/B testing
  • Conversion Funnels: from articles to product pages
  • Product Pages: UI/UX optimization and copywriting
  • Data analysis: Google Analytics, Search Console, Heatmaps, etc.


Technical SEO

Key challenges:

  • Smaller sites: Most CMSs (except WordPress) require a lot of manual technical SEO work
  • Larger sites: As sites become larger, multiple technical issues keep compounding, making it harder for Google to crawl your site effectively.

What We Do

We run technical site audits that identify: crawling errors, slow page speeds, error pages, etc.

  • Basics: Site architecture, internal links, URL structures, pagination, etc.
  • Sitemaps: creation & A/B testing
  • Error Pages: duplicate pages, canonicals, 404s, etc.
  • Core Web Vitals: page speed and user experience factors



Key challenges:

  • Unclear about which website and SEO metrics to track
  • Lack of visibility into how SEO activities are driving revenue
  • Google Analytics not set up to track activities and outcomes

What We Do

We set up your reporting dashboards, monitor your website’s activity metrics and send your weekly & monthly reports.

  • Google Analytics: Setting up and monitoring GA4
  • Conversion Dashboards: Setting up and monitoring your conversions
  • Periodic Reports: Sending you weekly and monthly performance reports 
  • Meetings: Periodic meetings to review strategy and performance


Coordination with your Team

Key challenges:

  • Lack of coordination between the agency and internal SEO activities
  • Lack of synchronization between SEO and paid campaigns
  • Lack of coordination between marketing and development teams

What We Do

Think of us as an extension of your internal marketing team. We would work closely with your SEO, ads and dev teams. 

We work with your:

  • Google search ads team to coordinate on what keyword clusters to target for SEO.
  • Ads team to brainstorm on targeting SEO-visitors with retargeting campaigns.
  • Web development teams to work on site architecture and UI changes.
  • Internal SEO and content teams to guide them on your internal activities.

How Are We Different?

Rank Fast

See results in weeks, not months. Contact us to see the data.

Get Massive Traffic

We have generated hundreds of thousands of monthly organic traffic for clients in a safe and sustainable way.

Drive Millions in Revenue

We have driven millions in revenue for several clients.

Outrank Industry Giants

We routinely outrank giants like G2, Amazon, Microsoft, Forbes, Hubspot, etc. with zero backlink acquisition.

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