Serpfox Review (Features, Pricing)

Wondering if Serpfox can outfox all other rank trackers? 

Creating a fantastic SEO strategy is just one piece of the SEO puzzle. If you want to see how every piece connects, you need a rank tracker.

With a rank tracker like Serpfox, you’ll know if your SEO efforts are generating more organic traffic to your site. 

But is it the ultimate rank tracker? 
We channeled our inner Sherlock to find that out. 🕵️‍♂️

In this Serpfox review, we’ll uncover what Serpfox is, five fantastic things you can do with this tracker tool, Serpfox pricing, and its limitations.

Psst. We’ll also give you the two Serpfox alternatives, if you wish to interrogate other rank tracker prospects

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Let’s put on our detective hats and get started with this Serpfox review! 🎩

What is Serpfox?

Serpfox is an online rank tracker that helps you keep an eye on your ranking position across multiple search engines like Google and Bing.

This rank checker works by crawling through thousands of search engine results and reports your website’s keyword ranking instantly.

How is it helpful? 
For starters, checking your keyword rank can give you insights like…

Sherlock looking through a magnifying glass

However, the USP of this SEO tool lies in its minimalistic approach. 

What do we mean?
This tool doesn’t confuse you with complex features. It just sticks to one function – rank tracking – and does it pretty well. 

Moreover, it presents smart rank tracking data in concise reports with branding options, so you don’t need to be a skilled SEO detective to understand the content. 

This means, if you’re a small business or an SEO beginner stepping into the world of search engine optimization, this rank tracking tool is a good place to start. 

And, if you get stuck at any point with this tool, you can either go through their self-service options or shoot an email to their customer support team. 

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Now, let’s take a look at Serpfox’s key features. 

5 Fantastic Things You Can Do With Serpfox 

Here are the five awesome things you can do with a daily rank tracking tool like Serpfox: 

1. Check Your Keyword Ranking Within Minutes

The basic function of Serfox is to find out how well your web page and social media content is ranking for particular keywords. 

To check out this functionality, we decided to do a basic keyword search for a popular health and wellness blog, 

To get started with Serpfox, you need to click the Add Keywords button in the top right corner. 

Add keywords button in Serpfox dashboard

On clicking the tab, we got a pop-up form. We entered all the required details for our selected domain. 

Pop up form to add keywords in Serpfox

Here’s a breakdown of the pop-up form: 

  • URL: Add the website URL for which you want to run the tracker. 
  • Keywords: Enter all the keywords you want to track for your website.
  • Search Engine: Choose which search engines you want the SERP data for. The options include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. 
  • Platform: Choose from platform options like desktop (only), mobile (only), or desktop and mobile. 
  • Location and Language: Select a particular country and city to get ranking data for a specific market. However, the locations are limited by the search engine you choose.
  • Group: Specify the group to which the keywords should be added. If you don’t want to group your keywords, you can also leave this option blank. 

Moreover, if you want Serpfox to track keywords for a specific webpage on your website, you can click on the Show advanced options and check off the Match URL Exactly box. 

On furnishing the above information, you can click the Add button at the bottom right corner and relax.

It really is *that* easy!
Say goodbye to feeling like this:

Sherlock trying to focus

Just like the Google Webmaster Tool (now known as Google Search Console), this rank tracking software will start gathering the SERP data and give you the result within seconds.  

You can then click the URL in the Serpfox dashboard to expand the view:

Expanded view of keyword data

Here, you’ll see the keyword rank, search volume data, and change in ranks.

Serpfox keyword data with ranks and search volume

You can also click any keyword to see its rank changes in a report with graphs. 

We clicked the “exercise” keyword and got this result: 

Graph depicting rank change in Serpfox

You can even toggle between last seen, week, and month to see rank changes for those periods.

2. Get Detailed Keyword Research Reports

Additionally, this tracker lets you create reports for all your keyword data for a selected period of time.

To check out this reporting feature, we clicked on the Reports tab next to Tracking on the left top corner. 
A pop-up window appeared that looked like this: 

Pop up form to create reports

Here, you can set a Title and select the Start and End Dates for your report. You’ll also need to select the URL from the drop-down menu for which you want to generate a detailed report. 

You can even choose a unique report format – PDF, CSV, or HTML:

File format options for reports in Serpfox

Moreover, if you want separate reports for different keyword groups, you can select them from the Groups drop-down menu. This way, you’ll know how your website ranks for that group and how much traffic the keyword group generates. 

Once done, you can click on the Create button. 

The report will look like this: 

Serpfox report

Serpfox also has a complete report builder feature that gives you the option to create scheduled reports that will be sent to your emails daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

Form to add a scheduled report in Serpfox

3. Set Rules for Change Notifications

This keyword rank tracking tool lets you select how and when you’ll be notified about any ranking changes. 

For that, you can go to the Notifications tab on the top left corner and then click on Add Notification.

A drop-down menu will let you choose the rule for the notification. Enter your domain name, and choose the keyword group you want to receive email notifications for. 

Pop up form to set notifications in Serpfox

Here are some of the rules you can choose from: 

  • A specific keyword or related keyword group enters a certain top (like top 1, top 3, etc.).
  • A keyword or related keyword group drops below a certain top.
  • A keyword or related keyword group gains or loses more than X positions.
  • A specific keyword reaches a new all-time high or all-time low.

Serpfox will send you the tracking alerts via email. You can then access full reports under the Notifications panel in your Serpfox dashboard. 

4. White Label Your Reports

Want to share your keyword rank reports with a client? 
No problem!

The Serpfox rank tracker gives you the option to customize and rebrand your rank tracking data reports. For that, you can go to the Branding section present under the profile icon on the top right corner. 

Branding option from the drop down menu

You can create a sub domain to let clients or business partners access your Serpfox dashboard through “company”

The other branding options include changing the icon, logo, and background color. 

Options to add branding in Serpfox reports

5. Client Management

If you’re an affiliate or a content marketing agency that’s managing the SEO processes of multiple clients, you can add them under the Clients tab in your Serpfox dashboard. 

This way, your clients can see a search result and track the performance of your SEO efforts in real-time. 

Form to add a client to your Serpfox

Here’s how you can add a client: 

  • Click on the Clients tab, and a pop-up window will appear.
  • Add client details such as email address, first name, last name, and the company.
  • If you wish to send an invitation to the client via email, check off the box to send the invitation.
  • Click on the Add tab to complete the process.

Once a client receives an invitation and clicks on the link, they can start viewing projects in Serpfox. 

Serpfox even lets you schedule individual reports and send them to respective clients via email. This way, every client will only have access to what’s theirs.

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Now that you know what this tracker is capable of, let’s see if you’re capable of affording it!

How Much Does Serpfox Cost?

This keyword tracking software lets you create a free account. And besides the free plan, it also has 14 other paid plan options categorized under Starter, Pro, and Agency.

Here’s a breakdown of the first Serpfox pricing plan under each category:

  • Free Plan
    • 10 keywords
    • Local tracking
    • Mobile and desktop
    • Exact search volume data
    • And more
  • Starter 100 ($10/month)
    • 100 keywords
    • Local tracking
    • Mobile and desktop
    • Exact search volume data
    • And more
  • Pro 1000 ($50/month)
    • 1000 keywords
    • Local tracking
    • Mobile and desktop
    • Exact search volume data
    • And more
  • Agency 5000 ($150/month)
    • 5000 keywords
    • Local tracking
    • Mobile and desktop
    • Exact search volume data
    • And more

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Before you opt for any of these pricing plans, you should also know what this rank tracker isn’t capable of. 
We used our Sherlock skills and found some clues about its limitations 🔍. 

2 Serpfox Limitations

Here are the two significant drawbacks of using Serpfox for rank tracking:

1. No Site Audits

While Serpfox can give you ranking data, it doesn’t have any site auditing feature like a backlink analysis tool that can help you find broken links. 

As a result, this keyword tracking tool can’t detect technical and on-page issues like duplicate content that might affect your website’s ability to rank. 

This means Serpfox won’t tell you why…

Sherlock and Watson talking

However, it doesn’t mean you’ve hit a brick wall. You can integrate Serpfox with a dedicated site audit tool. This way, you can have super accurate and smart rank tracking data and rid your site of any technical issues in one go!

2. Limited Keyword Search Functionality 

Another drawback of this keyword tracking tool is that it doesn’t automatically generate keywords that your website is already ranking for. 

If you want to check how your web page is ranking for a specific keyword, you’ll have to add those keywords manually. 

However, you can use other keyword research tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs and import those keyword suggestions into Serpfox.

Despite these few limitations, Serpfox is still a decent rank tracker tool that provides the most accurate keyword ranking data.

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Interested in some Serpfox alternatives?
Let’s check them out in the next section of this Serpfox review.

2 Serpfox Alternatives

Here are the top two Serpfox alternatives you can try out instead:

1. RankActive

This rank tracking tool has an automatic keyword search feature that can give you plenty of keyword suggestions. It also works as a backlink analysis tool to help you with link building.

Its opportunities feature can help your SEO agency do keyword research and discover what keywords your website is already ranking for. 

You can also integrate this rank checker with Google apps like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get more insights about your website.  

Here are some other data points that this smart rank tracking tool provides:

  • Your domain’s visibility in the SERP.
  • The number of ranked pages you have.
  • Positions lost and gained by keywords.
  • Terms ranking in the top 100.
  • Your average keyword position.

It also provides other keyword metrics like CPC (Cost Per Click), KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index), and traffic cost for any search term. 

However, some users have reported discrepancies in the keyword positions provided by this rank checker. Guess you’ll still have to be a detective and cross-check the search result presented by this keyword rank tracking tool. 

2. Rankwatch

Rankwatch is another excellent keyword rank tracking tool that offers additional features like site audit, competitor sites analysis, and backlink analysis for link building. 

It can integrate with Google Search Console to give you better insights into your website’s SEO performance and help you increase your organic traffic

Rankwatch even gives you the page score for subdomains associated with every search term. This way, you’ll know why a page may rank lower than you expected and adjust your SEO efforts accordingly to gain more organic traffic. 

However, some users find this SEO tool a bit laggy when compared to other robust rank trackers. And when it comes to SEO, you don’t want to lag behind your competitors!

Moreover, it looks like Rankwatch’s analysis feature took some inspiration from the Google Webmaster Tool. The only difference is that Rankwatch doesn’t let you customize a search result to generate different reports. 

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Is Serpfox the Ultimate Rank Tracker? 

We found Serpfox to be a good SEO tool that offers comprehensive rank tracking features.
Additionally, it’s pretty affordable for any SEO agency and offers a free plan too.

And with their cheapest plan ($10), you can track up to 100 keywords, select mobile or desktop platforms, and generate unlimited reports. 

But just tracking keywords isn’t going to boost your rankings in Google’s SERP.
You need to find the right keywords to target and develop a powerhouse keyword and content strategy if you want to reach that number one spot.

But don’t worry.
You can do that and more by connecting with the SEO experts at Startup Voyager. We can help you make sense of your keyword data, craft extraordinary content, and drive traffic to your site organically!

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