SEOprofiler Review (Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing)

Wondering if SEOprofiler fits your business profile?

SEOprofiler is a comprehensive SEO (search engine optimization) tool that can help you get more visitors and get rid of bad backlinks

But can this software get your digital marketing business to where you want it to be?
Don’t worry; we’ll be profiling SEOprofiler to get the answers you need!

In this SEOprofiler review, we’ll cover what SEOprofiler is, six awesome things you can do with it, how much it costs, its limitations, and competitors.

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Let’s get profiling! 

What is SEOprofiler?

SEOprofiler is a powerful SEO software that can help small website owners and enterprises create high ranking content and get more organic traffic.

With SEOprofiler, you can monitor your social media performance, audit your website, and keep a close eye on how your site’s performing in mobile search results. 


New to search engine optimization?
Not to worry – the SEO Profiler tool has fantastic step-by-step tutorials on how to navigate the tool. 

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6 Awesome Things You Can Do with SEOprofiler

Here are six incredible things you can do with SEOprofiler’s website optimization toolkit:

1. Find The Best Keywords to Target

SEOprofiler has a built-in Keyword Suggestion tool that can help you find tons of keyword ideas.

For example, here’s the keyword research report for the keyword “real estate”:


As you can see, SEOprofiler’s keyword research tool comes with some helpful keyword filters and metrics.

Here’s a breakdown of the keyword research filters you get:

  • Country and language: The country or language you want to get keyword suggestions in. SEO profiler offers tons of options here, including countries like Germany, Singapore, and South Africa.
  • Sort by: This filter lets you sort your keyword list by alphabetical order, CPC, search volume, competition, and opportunity.
  • Position of seed keyword: Use this filter to view keyword suggestions with your keyword in a specific position. For example, at the beginning or end of the keyword suggestion.
  • Results per page: The number of keyword suggestions that you’ll see per page.
  • Competition: Shows you the level of competition for a particular keyword.
  • Opportunity: How easy it will be to rank for a particular keyword.
  • Search volume: The average monthly search volume for a specific keyword.
  • Cost per click (CPC): Here, you can select a maximum and minimum CPC for your keyword. CPC is a metric  that shows the average amount of money that advertisers are willing to bid on your specific keyword. 

Below these filters, you can see a keyword list and some CPC data, average search volume data, competition value, and more.

SEOprofiler’s Keyword Suggestion tool can give you valuable tips on which keywords your website should target. For example, let’s take a look at the 98th suggestion in the list:


The keyword “what is CMA in real estate” has an average monthly search volume of 10,900 and the competition value for the keyword is much lower than the ones displayed in the above report. 

As a result, beginner website business owners should target this keyword rather than ones with a high competition value. This way, you can feel like this:


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2. Check the Readability of Your Web Pages

Readability is about creating content that can be clearly understood by a large audience. 

Why’s readability an important content marketing component?
Well, imagine this: you’ve spent tons of dollars and time creating a piece of content. However, potential customers only spend a few seconds on your page because they have no idea what your blog is going on about.

Easy-reading content enhances the search customer experience and encourages readers to interact with the published content.

Additionally, readability is one of Google’s indirect ranking factors.

That’s why the SEOprofiler tool has a Readability Checker that can help you better optimize your content by showing you the readability score of your web pages.

For example, here’s the readability score report for a real estate blog, CRE Online Blog:

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3. Get Rid of Bad Backlinks

Bad backlinks are links from spammy sites, link-mill sites, and sites that aren’t related to your industry.

For example, let’s imagine that our real estate blog got a link from an e-commerce clothing website.


In fact, since the introduction of the 2012 Penguin algorithm, Google has been cracking down on sites that are associated with suspicious link building tactics.

Fortunately, SEO profiler has a Link Disinfection tool that can help you squash every bad backlink that crawls onto your website.

For example, here’s a report from the Link Disinfection tool for the CRE Online Blog:


The above report shows us that 80 out of the 11,452 backlinks are toxic.

Additionally, below the filters, you can see how risky each bad backlink is, where the link comes from, the anchor text, and what page the link goes to


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4. Get a Daily Ranking Check 

SEOprofiler’s Ranking Profiler tool checks the keyword ranking position of any website on popular search engines like Google, Google Mobile, and Bing daily.

Keyword ranking data is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of your SEO campaign and whether or not your site’s climbing the search engine results page.


For example, here’s the Ranking Check report for the keyword “marathon training”:


Here’s what the Daily Ranking Check report tells us:

  • Keyword: The keyword the target website is ranking for.
  • Searches: The average number of local searches per month.
  • Difficulty: How difficult it is to rank for the target keyword.
  • Regular position: Shows you your site’s ranking position on the regular results page.
  • Extra position: Shows you your site’s ranking position in other search results like news and video. 
  • Best competitor: Shows you the ranking position of your best competitor.

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5. Gather Competitive Intelligence For SEO

The SEOprofiler tool has a Google Ads profiler that lets you monitor your competitors’ Google Adword campaigns.

Why’s this tool useful?
If your Google Adword campaigns aren’t paying off, you can use this tool to get valuable data on your competitors’ Google Ad campaigns and budgets.

For example, here’s the Adwords Profiler report for


The above report gives you all sorts of juicy data about:

  • How much monthly traffic they’re generating from their ads.
  • The keywords that account for the most paid visitors.
  • How much they’re spending on their ads.

Now, since we’ve got tons of insightful data on how our competitor is making their ad campaigns work, we can replicate their strategies and avoid a lot of trial-and-error!

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6. Conduct a Detailed SEO Website Audit

SEO profiler has a website auditing tool that analyzes your website for technical and web page optimization issues. For example, spelling mistakes, duplicate content, and page speed.

And don’t worry, the tool won’t just throw you in at the deep end and leave you feeling like this:


SEOprofiler’s SEO website auditing feature will also give you deeper insight into every issue so that you can fix them.
Here’s an example of a SEO profiler Website Audit report:


The Website Audit tool also gives you data about:

  • Errors: These are issues that will harm your site’s ability to rank in the SERPs. Examples include broken links and empty page titles.
  • Warnings: Warnings are issues that can harm your site’s ranking potential. For example, duplicate content and lengthy URLs.
  • Notices: Notices aren’t critical issues; however, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on them. For example, anchor texts that are missing crucial keywords.
  • Misspellings: All the spelling mistakes that appear on your web pages. 

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Now that you know the wide range of powerful features that the SEO Profiler tool offers, how much is it all gonna cost?
Don’t worry – you’ll have your answer once we audit the SEOprofiler pricing plans.

How Much Does SEOprofiler Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of the SEOprofiler pricing plans:

  • Standard ($69.95/month):
    • One user
    • Standard reports
    • Audit 20,000 pages 
    • 10 projects 
    • And more
  • Smart ($99.95/month):
    • Up to five users
    • 3,000 keywords checked daily 
    • Audit 50,000 pages 
    • White-label reports
    • And more
  • Professional ($249.95/month):
    • Up to 15 users
    • 7,500 keywords checked daily 
    • Audit 150,000 pages 
    • 150 projects 
    • And more
  • Enterprise ($999.95/month):
    • 30,000 keywords checked daily 
    • Audit 50,000 pages 
    • Unlimited projects 
    • Unlimited users 
    • And more

All monthly payment plans include essential features like keyword research, keyword optimization tools, and ranking alerts.

Additionally, SEO profiler offers its potential customers a 7-day free trial under its Smart Plan. 

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However, before you jump right into the software, it’d be smart to check out some of SEOprofiler’s limitations.

2 Limitations of Using SEOprofiler

Here are two significant drawbacks of using SEOprofiler:

1. Limited Standard Plan

If you own a small website, you’ll probably want to start out with SEOprofiler’s standard pricing plan.

Unfortunately, this plan has a few minor limitations.
For example, you’re limited to one user and 10 projects.

Although the most affordable plan has some minor limitations, it’s still more affordable than most SEO tools out there.

2. No PPC Analysis Tools

Unlike most SEO software, SEO profiler doesn’t offer robust PPC (pay-per-click) analysis tools.

PPC analysis tools are helpful for any website owner who plans on creating and running their own PPC campaigns.

However, we think that SEOprofiler makes up for this drawback with its powerful organic keyword research tools. 

Additionally, you solve this issue by integrating the SEOprofiler with a dedicated PPC platform.

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Not sure if the SEOprofiler platform fits your profile?
Don’t worry!

Next, in this SEOprofiler review, we’ll cover two alternative SEO software you can try out.

2 SEOprofiler Alternatives

Here are two SEO profiler alternatives that might suit your search engine optimization team:

1. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO software with custom analytics reports, website optimization features, and a website audit tool.

Additionally, you can use this SEO optimization tool for keyword research, on-page optimization, and content marketing.

On the downside, Serpstat’s competitive analysis features and backlink database aren’t as robust as other software like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

2. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is an SEO and website monitoring tool with built-in PPC analytics, social media analytics, and link building features.

The platform also has a cool feature that lets you unlock hidden Google Analytics data. And the tool offers a free website optimization solution. 

However, SEO Powersuite’s free plan isn’t exactly a powersuite – you can’t save any projects or generate client audit reports.

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Is SEOprofiler The Right SEO Tool For You?

Whether you’re a solo website owner, SEO agency, or enterprise, SEO profiler is a suitable SEO tool that can help you create higher ranking content and boost your online presence.

If you want to make sense of all your keyword data or need someone to help you with your content and SEO campaign, connect with the SEO experts at Startup Voyager.

We can offer you comprehensive and effective SEO services that can drive tons of organic traffic to your website!

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