Rank in Google Top 3 without Backlinks or Technical SEO

Intelligent SEO Strategy & Extraordinary Content to consistently outrank your biggest competitors.
We have outranked top sites like Amazon, Microsoft, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Capterra, Cosmopolitan, CNN and many more.


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We don't give away our secret sauce!
But here are 6 things (among others) that take you to Google Top 3

How Do We Pull This Off?

1. Competitor Analysis

We run an analysis vis-a-vis articles/pages that are outranking you. This involves both manual and AI-based analysis.

We formulate a plan to target the most profitable clusters that will maximize your traffic and conversions.

2. Intelligent SEO Strategy

Watch Google's webmaster hangouts and you will realize that Google's latest updates are all about Content Relevance.

3. Content Relevance

4. Powerful Writing

Written by folks who have written for Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Lifehacker, etc.

Our Co-founders have MBAs in marketing and have interacted closely with Fortune 500 CEOs.
Yes - marketing knowledge matters in SEO!

5. Core Marketing Expertise

Google has more than 200 ranking factors. We focus on the ones that matter most for your website.

6. Ranking Factor Relevance

Far more effective than backlinks, technical SEO or on page optimization.

Why Should You Try This?

Backlinks are Expensive and Complicated

Getting high-quality backlinks that genuinely move the needle will cost you thousands of dollars (in salary or outsourced costs.)
Our process allows Google to value and rank your content on page 1 without backlinks.

On-Page Optimization isn't Enough

Stuff like optimizing images, subheads, internal linking, metas, etc. isn't enough to compete with bigger well-established sites.

Technical SEO is Messy and Ineffective

Technical SEO might have made a huge difference in 2015. But it hardly moves the needle for 90% of sites in 2020.

Social proof

Few sentences about your product. How it help to solve clients' problems. It should convince the unconvinced. No fake quotes or photos!

Your Customer Name

Few sentences about your product. How it help to solve clients' problems. It should convince the unconvinced. No fake quotes or photos!

Your Customer Name

Who We Are

Our Leadership Team

Peter Banerjea

Co-Founder & CEO, Startup Voyager

Before co-founding Startup Voyager, Peter consulted and worked for several tech companies in a wide variety of digital marketing roles.

His work has appeared in top blogs like Entrepreneur, Inc. HuffPost, Fast Company, Lifehacker and more.

He has also delivered numerous speaking engagements for organizations like British Telecom, AXA, Kuoni, IHS Markit, JCB, GKN, Calibrated Healthcare, etc.

Before stepping into entrepreneurship in 2009, Peter was a senior analyst, working for a major global investment banking client. He has an MBA in Marketing and Finance and an undergrad degree in commerce.

Joy Ghose

Co-Founder and Managing Editor, Startup Voyager

Joy manages operations at Startup Voyager and the content marketing team.

Before being bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, Joy was a business journalist for more than 12 years interacting with CXOs of Fortune 500 companies and leaders of several nations.

Joy’s journalistic instincts enable her to know exactly how to structure an article to compel readers to stay on your blog. She also has first-hand knowledge of what entices journalists to write your story.

As a marketer, she now uses her expertise to create kick-ass content and earn placements in top publications.

Joy has an MBA in Marketing and Finance and an undergrad degree in journalism.

She is also a short story writer (published with Harper Collins) who has a weakness for almond macchiatos.


Startup Voyager is a content and SEO agency working with well-known and exciting startups across North America and Western Europe. We started off as a 2-people agency back in December 2016. As of August 2020, we are a 17-member team distributed across 5 countries.

Everyone in our team is an employee and we don't outsource to freelancers. All our employees go through a rigorous on the job training process that prepares them to outrank the biggest sites on the internet.

Plans begin at $3000 per month

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