22 Best SaaS SEO Tools to Boost Your Website Traffic ASAP

A well-laid out SEO strategy goes a long way in boosting traffic to your SaaS website.

The only nagging question is – how do you execute a kickass SEO strategy?

With SaaS SEO tools, of course!

These tools can help generate content ideas, track keyword rankings, optimize website performance, and much more. 

They are pivotal in helping you climb the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and putting your SaaS product in front of potential customers. 

However, the market is overloaded with SEO tools and finding the right fit for your SaaS company can be challenging. 

In this article, we’ll explore the 22 best SaaS SEO tools in the market today. We’ll also highlight five factors to consider before adding a tool to your arsenal.

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Let’s get started!

22 Best SaaS SEO Tools for 2023

You have tools available for:

  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Website analysis
  • Link building
  • Content creation, etc.

We’ll cover the best tools from each of these categories to skyrocket your search engine optimization game 🚀 

A. Keyword and Competitor Research Tools

First, we’ll share some tools you can use to find low-hanging keyword opportunities and rank for the most relevant keyword in the SaaS industry.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a keyword generator and research platform where you can uncover keyword ideas for your SaaS SEO strategy and analyze their ranking difficulty. It’s one of the most powerful SEO tools you can get for your business, once you learn how to interpret the data it gives you. 

Key Features
  • Helps you estimate search volumes for keywords on multiple search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and more.
  • Offers advanced SEO metrics for every relevant keyword, like return rate, clicks per search, % of paid clicks, and more.
  • Organizes all your navigational, transactional, and informational keywords into lists so you can revisit them when needed. (Goodbye, ugly spreadsheets!

Ahrefs offers paid plans starting at $99/month. Each plan comes with one Power user who can consume up to 500 credits per month. You can add additional users for $20-$50/month.

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.6/5 (450+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (500+ reviews)

2. Google Trends

Google Trends helps you find trending topics and related queries to generate content ideas that are rising in popularity. What makes this tool so powerful for your SEO strategy is that tackling these rising queries earlier than your competition can boost your authority on the topic.

Key Features
  • Shows you the popularity of your target keyword in different locations. 
  • Analyzes seasonal trends so you can boost your content marketing results by capitalizing on these fluctuations. 
  • Reveals how your target keyword has been performing over time and if it’s worth adding to your content strategy.

Google Trends is a free tool.

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.5/5 (120+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (20+ reviews)

3. Moz 

Moz is an all-in-one SEO software that offers valuable intel on your most important competitor and their SEO efforts, helping you discover content opportunities.

Key Features
  • Helps map out your competitors’ SaaS SEO strategy by identifying the keywords they’re ranking for. 
  • Displays SERP features such as Top Stories, Knowledge Graphs, Featured Snippets, and more for every relevant keyword. 
  • Exports keyword research suggestions in CSV formats for ease of sharing. (Bonus: you don’t have to create reports from scratch!)

Moz offers paid plans starting at $99/month (supports up to 3 campaigns per month).

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.4/5 (350+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (330+ reviews)

4. SpyFu 

SpyFu is a keyword research tool that helps you perform in-depth competitor analysis and find new keywords for organic and paid search campaigns. 

Key Features
  • Keeps track of domains bidding on your Google ads.
  • Offers link building recommendations for specific keywords on your SaaS website.
  • Lets you spy on your competitor (like Sherlock 🕵️) to gauge their backlinking strategy. 

SpyFu offers paid plans starting at $39/month. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.6/5 (490+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (140+ reviews)

5. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an easily installable extension on Chrome and Firefox that lets you analyze competitors for your SaaS product on the fly, providing essential metrics for any keyword they target.

Key Features
  • Provides the estimated traffic from Google for any website and the top 5000 keywords they rank for.
  • Lets you download keyword volume data at a monthly, weekly, and daily level.
  • Allows access to important keyword metrics and lets you download the data in Excel, PDF, or CSV format or export it to Google Sheets. 

Keywords Everywhere offers paid plans starting at $10/user. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: N/A
  • Capterra: N/A

B. Content Optimization Tools

The next set of tools will help you optimize your content with suggestions that will boost your rankings in the search results.

1. Answer The Public

Answer The Public relies on autocomplete data from search engines to find phrases people are searching for, which can be the foundation of your content strategy. It’s a great tool for getting tons of long-tail keyword ideas that are rising in popularity.

Like Google Trends, this can help you develop content ideas that your competition may not be targeting yet.

Key Features
  • Lets you analyze and compare search behavior changes over time so you know what topics are trending at the moment. 
  • Hides content suggestions that aren’t relevant to your research and target audience. 
  • Sends alerts on new industry-related questions being asked by your target audience. 

Answer The Public offers paid plans starting at $9/month.

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.4/5 (20+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (10+ reviews)

2. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO’s Content Editor can help you generate well-structured outlines and optimize articles to boost your SaaS SEO success. Moreover, it generates a Content Score to give you real-time feedback on your optimized draft.

Key Features
  • Gives helpful recommendations for formatting, word count, headings, etc., to create well-optimized content.
  • Integrates with Google Docs to streamline the content creation process, saving you hours rewriting the content, and making room for another coffee break! ☕
  • Offers a Plagiarism Checker to ensure your content is 100% unique.

Surfer SEO offers paid plans starting at $59 (10 articles/month). 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.8/5 (440+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.9/5 (350+ reviews)

3. ClickFlow

ClickFlow helps any SaaS company improve the performance of your existing content. It can identify low-traffic web pages and stale content so you can optimize them right away.

Key Features
  • Lets you create an SEO-friendly blog post containing keywords your target audience searches for.
  • Offers A/B testing of titles and meta descriptions to help improve organic traffic. 
  • Highlights pages with ‘content decay’ and shows their exact decline in organic traffic.

Contact ClickFlow to request a custom quote. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: N/A
  • Capterra: N/A

4. Semrush

Semrush offers a bunch of content optimization features, including the SEO Writing Assistant. It helps you enrich your text with relevant keywords, analyze the content’s readability, decide the optimal word count, and more. 

From creating an SEO-friendly content strategy to optimizing your Google ad campaign, this tool can help you with different aspects of digital marketing, 

Key Features
  • Gives valuable tips for blog post titles and meta descriptions with its SEO Content Template feature.
  • Assesses the existing content on your SaaS website and identifies pages that need to be optimized or relaunched. 
  • Helps you monitor the social media activity of your competitors on different platforms. 

Semrush offers paid plans starting at $119.95/month (supports up to 5 projects/month).

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.5/5 (1,700+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (2,050+ reviews)

5. Clearscope

Clearscope scores your content and determines how it stands against your competitors with grades such as A++, B-, C, etc. The higher your grade, the stronger your chances of ranking for your keyword.

Key Features
  • Identifies gaps in the SaaS content generated by you or your competitor using the Term map feature.
  • Finds frequently occurring keywords on the search engine results pages so you optimize your content with the most relevant keyword terms.
  • Lets you monitor the content health, clicks, and impressions of your pages with Content Inventory. 

Clearscope offers paid plans starting at $170/month per user.

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.9/5 (80+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.9/5 (60+ reviews)

C. Website Analysis Tools

Next up, we’ll share some tools that help you with insights about your visitors’ website activity and provide SEO data on keyword performance, backlinks, search traffic, and competitors. 

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful (and most-used) web analytics tools that offers useful reports on user actions, system events, or errors. It also helps you track ROI on your spends across marketing channels.

Key Features
  • Generates user behavior reports specifying what kind of pages your potential customer interacts with and for how long. 
  • Applies machine learning to analyze your data and predict future actions your potential customer may take, like making a purchase or churning.
  • Segments users based on their interests, gender, age, location, etc., so you can quickly assess if they fit your SaaS company’s buyer persona. 

Google Analytics is a free tool.

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.5/5 (6,010+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (7,480+ reviews)

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a web service that provides in-depth data about search performance and user experience to any SaaS SEO expert. 

You can use this data to assess your website’s organic rankings and introduce tweaks to improve your site’s search results.

Key Features
  • Identifies your top-performing pages with the highest clicks that contribute to brand awareness. 
  • Spots indexing errors for you to fix them immediately and boost your site’s presence in Google’s search engine results pages.
  • Lets you compare your SaaS website’s performance across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Google Search Console is a free tool.

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.7/5 (160+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (150+ reviews)

3. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a website optimization tool that enables you to detect and fix website issues preventing it from ranking in the SERPs, such as crawling errors, 404 errors, orphan pages, and more. 

Key Features
  • Offers detailed site audit reports on website issues, with step-by-step guides to fix them (your SEO expert’s new bestie!)
  • Tracks crucial website metrics such as the total number of backlinks, indexed pages, domain trust, and more.
  • Helps optimize heavy images and spot missing ‘alt texts’ to improve the ROI of your SaaS SEO efforts.

SE Ranking offers paid plans starting at $39/month per user.  

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.8/5 (1,160+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (260+ reviews)

4. Woorank

WooRank is an all-in-one digital marketing solution to track your SaaS website’s technical SEO performance and optimize your content marketing and social media presence.

Key Features
  • Offers contextual help and actionable tips related to any website issue.
  • Initiates automatic website crawls so you can diagnose indexing issues whenever new pages are added.
  • Lets you download site crawl results in CSV format or export it to Google Sheets.

Woorank offers paid plans starting at $79.99/month. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.3/5 (40+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.4/5 (60+ reviews)

D. Technical SEO Analysis Tools

Now, let’s check out some tools that’ll help you analyze how well the search engines are crawling your SaaS website and/or perform a complete SEO audit.

1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a UK-based SEO agency and creator of the website crawler SEO Spider. 

SEO Spider helps businesses analyze their link building strategy, automate crawls, and assess metadata – paving the way for screaming SEO success. 

Key Features
  • Offers crawl overview reports specifying the number of URLs found, blocked, and all response codes encountered.
  • Generates SEO audit reports identifying server errors, XML sitemap issues, and more.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics to monitor customer behavior and engagement levels of your SaaS website.

Screaming Frog offers a free plan with limited features. Its paid plan costs $259/year. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.7/5 (80+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.9/5 (100+ reviews)

2. Botify

Botify is a technical SEO platform designed to improve site architecture and assess how search engines crawl your content.

Key Features
  • Optimizes your SaaS website for mobile search and tracks your SERP performance with mobile searchers. 
  • Helps you find orphan pages responsible for your website’s low rankings and traffic.
  • Offers site migration solutions by crawling the new site and fixing errors proactively.

Contact Botify to request a custom quote. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.4/5 (50+ reviews)
  • Capterra: N/A

3. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools offers a site audit feature that lets you crawl and index specific URLs, improving their visibility in search engines. You can even use it to specify the maximum number of pages to be crawled per second.

Key Features
  • Generates weekly SEO reports, highlighting website errors and offering recommendations to resolve them. 
  • Identifies issues like URL redirects, crawl errors, ‘disallowed by robots.txt’, etc. in your SaaS content.
  • Lets you block URLs (as easily as you block your exes!) when you need to make metadata changes or take a page down.

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free to use service offered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.1/5 (20+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.2/5 (10+ reviews)

4. Sitebulb

Sitebulb is a website crawling tool that lets you schedule audits for your SaaS website at your convenience. It offers reports on your website’s structured data, indexability, link building, security, and more.

Key Features
  • Implements over 300 search engine optimization checks for every URL during website audits.
  • Categorizes website issues as Critical, High, Medium, or Low so you know which one to prioritize (hello, helpful assistant!). 
  • Immediately flags any duplicate content issues, such as identical HTML content, duplicate title tags, meta descriptions, and more.

Sitebulb offers paid plans starting at $469/month for up to two users. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.4/5 (10+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 (20+ reviews)

E. Website Speed Analysis Tools

And last but not least, the following tools will assess the page load times of your SaaS website, which has become an increasingly crucial aspect of SEO.

1. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a part of the Google Developers Tools. It monitors the website speed across mobile and desktop devices and offers suggestions to build faster-loading sites.

Key Features
  • Assesses the quality of website user experiences and categorizes them as – Good, Needs Improvement, or Poor.
  • Tracks critical performance metrics such as Speed Index, Time to Interactive, Total Blocking Time, and more. 
  • Provides reports on the pages in your SaaS website following page speed best practices.

PageSpeed Insights is a free tool.

Customer Ratings
  • G2: N/A
  • Capterra: N/A

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is an easy-to-use page speed monitoring tool that helps a SaaS company understand its website’s overall load time, size, and the content type slowing it down.

Key Features
  • Uses screenshots to capture elements every 500 milliseconds during the loading time to analyze what can be done for better speed 🏃
  • Alerts you about website or server downtime via email, SMS, or push notification. 
  • Helps identify which countries or subregions are impacted by outages and poor user experiences.

Pingdom’s Website Speed Test is free. If you want to access advanced functionalities related to transaction monitoring, uptime monitoring, and more, opt for the paid plans starting at $15/month. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 3.9/5 (20+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.4/5 (70+ reviews)

3. Uptrends

Uptrends offers a wide range of products to monitor your website’s performance at regular intervals and track website usage metrics in real-time. 

Key Features
  • Offers 233 website monitoring checkpoints worldwide so you can accurately spot where in the world your downtime originates. 
  • Monitors multi-step transaction processes in your SaaS website and alerts right away in case of a failure.
  • Offers interactive charts to assemble data and spot trends in your website performance.

Uptrends offers paid plans starting at $19.50/month. 

Customer Ratings
  • G2: 4.3/5 (10+ reviews)
  • Capterra: N/A

4. Dareboost

Dareboost is a speed monitoring tool that lets you view the major performance indicators of your SaaS website on a customizable dashboard.

Key Features
  • Helps compare your website’s performance against your competitor based on quality score, speed index, server response time, and more.
  • Checks websites against 100+ best practices related to on-page SEO, security, and accessibility.
  • Offers white-label reporting option to share website performance data with teammates as and when required. 

Dareboost is a free tool.

Customer Ratings
  • G2: N/A
  • Capterra: N/A

Ready to invest in SaaS SEO tools?

Consider a few things first. 

5 Key Factors to Consider While Choosing SaaS SEO Tools

To select the right SaaS SEO tool, take into account these five critical factors.

  • Pricing: Consider your budget and analyze your needs to decide where your money is best spent at the current stage of your SEO strategy. You don’t always need the most expensive tool to maximize your SaaS SEO success. 
  • Functionality: Consider features that align with the specific needs of your SaaS SEO strategy, such as keyword research, content marketing, broken link building, website crawling, and more. Note that some tools offer several of these functionalities in one package. 
  • User-friendliness: Ensure the SEO tool is easy to install and use. Your team should be able to navigate the tool without spending too much time learning about it.
  • Compatibility: Check if it’s compatible with your SaaS website, marketing platforms, and the project management apps you regularly use.
  • Customer support: Opt for an SEO tool that offers 24×7 customer support, so you may reach out with your queries whenever you’re stuck or need some help.

Step Up Your SEO Performance Today

SEO is integral to any SaaS company’s growth strategy, helping you drive organic traffic and maximize visibility in search results.

And all the tools mentioned in this article can help you with these end goals. 

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