Keyword Snatcher Review (Features, Pricing, Alternatives)

Want to know if Keyword Snatcher can help you snatch up the best keyword ideas?

Keyword snatcher is an SEO tool that helps digital marketers and small businesses do extensive research to get thousands of keyword ideas. 

But can this tool help you improve your SEO tactics and drive more organic traffic to your site? 
We’ll answer that and more.

In this Keyword Snatcher review, we’ll discover what this SEO tool is, its unique keyword research features, pricing, drawbacks, and alternatives

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Let’s begin!

What is Keyword Snatcher?

Keyword Snatcher is a web-based research tool that you can use to extract keyword ideas from major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, and even Amazon. 

This keyword research tool uses a search engine’s auto-suggest feature to give you hundreds or even thousands of different keyword suggestions in no time. 

All you gotta do is enter a seed keyword like…

This research tool will then extract the related keywords that each search engine suggests. 

Next, it’ll add each letter of the alphabet next to the target keyword to give you even more keyword ideas, including long tail keywords that users search on the internet. 

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Next, in this Keyword Snatcher review, we’ll see how this research tool can help you get the right keyword ideas. 

5 Unique Features of Keyword Snatcher

Here are the five awesome features that make this tool different from other keyword research software:

1. Pulls Search Engines’ Most Frequent Auto-Suggest Search Queries

Keyword Snatcher can give you an exhaustive list of organic keywords by pulling the most frequent auto-suggest search terms from a search engine and compiling them in a list. 

Let’s understand this using the Minions’ favorite search term, “Banana.” 

When we enter the search term “Banana with” in Google search, here are the auto-suggest keyword phrases we get: 

Google search for Banana With keyword

Now, when we add “a” to the search term, the keyword suggestion changes to: 

Google search for Banana with A keyword

Similarly, if we add “d” to the target keyword, the keyword suggestion changes again: 

Google search for banana with D keyword

Making two adjustments has given us a good number of keywords. Now instead of doing manual keyword research for each letter of the alphabet, Keyword Snatcher does all the hard work for you. 

This keyword research tool automatically creates a list of all the top auto-suggest phrases for the target keyword followed by each letter of the alphabet. 

To get keyword ideas, you just need to enter the search term or the seed keyword in the box next to Keywords: and click on the Get Suggestions button.

Yep. It’s that simple!

Keyword research menu in Keyword Snatcher

With just one click, this keyword tool will provide you with a laundry list of profitable keywords. 

Keyword results in Keyword Snatcher

Using this tool, you can get many more long tail keywords related to your seed keyword than you’ll generally find using other tools like the Google Keyword Planner

And, if you use Google Analytics or Google Search Console for your SEO strategy, you can even import a CSV list of keywords generated by Keyword Snatcher. 

2. Offers Keywords From Multiple Sources

A significant advantage of using Keyword Snatcher over other tools like Google Keyword Planner is that this tool gives you keyword ideas from various sources. 

While Google Keyword Planner only sources keywords from the Adwords search database, this keyword tool extracts top search suggestions from Google, YouTube, eBay, Yahoo, Bing, and Amazon, which means…

You can even select a specific country for keyword research. 

Moreover, if you only need keyword phrase options from a specific search engine, you can check or uncheck the search engine boxes in the Sources section. 

Options to select search engine sources in Keyword Snatcher

3. Finds Long Tail Keywords No One Else is Targetting 

You can also use Keyword Snatcher to find tons of long tail keywords – more than you’d usually find using Google Keyword Planner. 

This keyword explorer has a WordCount feature that lets you select the length of long tail phrases you want to focus on.

WordCount option to filter long tail keywords in Keyword Snatcher

You can quickly filter out the long tail keywords consisting of three to four words using this feature. 

And, because this keyword tool pulls in data from Google’s auto-suggest, it also becomes easier to spot a long tail opportunity keyword that isn’t being targeted by your competitors yet.

Now, you can use these keywords for content generation or social media advertising, and boost your site’s organic search rankings. 

4. Finds Untapped eCommerce Keywords

If you run an eCommerce business or have an affiliate marketing website, you can use Keyword Snatcher software to find profitable keywords that can help increase your website traffic. 

For example, if you’re an Amazon affiliate, you can narrow down your keyword research by selecting only Amazon as your search engine. You’ll only get Amazon-specific keyword suggestions.

Remember, the more targeted your research, the better your results will be because there will be less competition surrounding those keywords.

This way, you can use this keyword explorer to find related keywords for your targeted eCommerce niche only. 

There’s only one word we can say about this feature…

However, while doing so, you should also use Google’s Search Console to check the monthly searches for these organic keywords. 

You don’t want to target a specific keyword as a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign in Google Adword if there is hardly anyone searching for that term. 

As a bonus, you can also use Keyword Snatcher alongside other tools like Google Trends. This way, you can compare search volume trends for different keywords over time. 

5. Offers Niche and Content Ideas

Besides using it for keyword research, you can also use this SEO tool to get content ideas from organic search results. 

Firstly, you can find niche keywords for your blog, videos, articles, Google ads, or social media posts. Secondly, you can include organic keywords with higher monthly searches in your content to drive more organic traffic to your site.

And, not just that. 

You can even use this research tool to decide names for your products by finding the popular keywords in your niche category. 

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We know you’re eager to try out the fantastic features this tool has to offer. 
But, before that, let’s also find out how much this tool costs. 

How Much Does Keyword Snatcher Cost?

Unlike other popular keyword research software that are available on a monthly or annual payment subscription, you can buy Keyword Snatcher with a one-time fee of $47.

This one time payment gives you lifetime access to this keyword research tool. 

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try out its features risk-free. 

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Next, in this Keyword Snatcher review, we’ll go over the top two limitations of this keyword explorer. 

2 Keyword Snatcher Limitations

Here are the two significant drawbacks of using this keyword tool: 

1. Doesn’t Provide Crucial Keyword Data

One of the major drawbacks of using this research tool is that it only provides you with a list of keyword ideas. 

However, finding the right opportunity keyword is just one piece of the puzzle. 

To create a solid SEO strategy and run effective Google ads, you also need other data points like rank tracking, average search volume, cost-per-click data (CPC), and keyword difficulty score. These metrics can tell you if a keyword phrase is worth targeting.

As a solution, this tool lets you export your keyword list as a CSV file so you can use it in other apps. This means you get your hands on relevant keywords and the liberty to choose your own rank tracker or keyword analysis tool. 

It’s a win-win!

2. Doesn’t Offer a Free Plan

Numerous keyword tools, including Google Keyword Planner, are free or at least offer a free trial. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial with Keyword Snatcher. 

However, this SEO tool surely outperforms the Google keyword tool by suggesting many more relevant keywords from multiple sources.

And, you can always look for a keyword snatcher coupon to get a discount deal. 

Moreover, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you do have an option to try out its superb organic search features after all. 

Still wanna explore other fish in the sea? 
Let’s see what other keyword research tools have got to offer. 

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2 Keyword Snatcher Alternatives

Here are the top two alternatives for Keyword Snatcher: 

1. Google Keyword Planner

This search engine giant has its own keyword research tool that gives you related keywords that are most relevant to your business. 

You can use this research tool to get data points like monthly search volume and the change in these searches over time. 

Google Keyword Planner also gives you other keyword data like bid estimates to plan your Google Ads campaign. 

And, the best part… this Google keyword tool is free!

However, the keywords suggestions provided are limited to the Google Ads database. 

On the contrary, Keyword Snatcher pulls in data from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, etc. 

2. Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tool

Wordstream also offers a free keyword tool that helps you find relevant keywords from popular search engines like Google. 

This tool scans through a database of one trillion keywords and displays top search results based on your industry and location.

It also provides keyword analysis data like search volume, cost-per-click, and keyword competition score (keyword difficulty) for each keyword. These metrics can help you determine your online advertising budget. 

You can even connect your Google Adword account to the tool to get personalized data and different keyword suggestions.

However, this tool only provides the top 100 related search results for a specific keyword, while Keyword Snatcher gives results in thousands. Wordstream’s organic search is also limited to Google and Bing only. 

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Is Keyword Snatcher the Right SEO Tool For You?

The Keyword Snatcher tool is like a mighty soldier in your SEO army that can help you discover untapped niches and race ahead of your competitors. 

Not to mention, this tool only requires a one-time fee of $47, and in return, you’ll be able to discover unlimited keywords for a lifetime.

You can use this tool to find low-competition long tail keywords and filter out eCommerce keywords for your affiliate business. 

But, if you need help identifying the most profitable keywords for your SEO strategy, connect with the SEO professionals at Startup Voyager!

We can help you get the most out of your content marketing by crafting a killer keyword strategy and creating conversion-based content that’ll drive tons of organic traffic to your site!

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