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Anthony Zhang

Co-founder & CEO, Vinovest

It has been a pleasure partnering with Peter and his team to drive our organic search efforts. We went from 0 to 100,000 organic visitors in the last 10 months.

Zeb Evans

Founder & CEO, ClickUp

Peter and his team enabled us to scale content creation to a level unimaginable by ourselves. Their efforts have led to a massive increase in organic traffic worth millions of dollars.

Ajay Goel

Founder, GMass

Peter and his team are pure magic. I’ve worked with 10 different SEO agencies in my career, and what they do is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. They will write an article, publish it, and without a single external backlink, it magically starts to rank on page 1 within a few weeks. I’m shocked every time.

Andreas Biebl

Chief Marketing Officer, RepairSmith (Acquired)

More than 70% of the articles that Startup Voyager has done for us are ranking on Google page 1 for the primary target keyword. That’s more than 100 articles on page 1 within 11 months..

Chad Massura

Founder & CEO,Rosy Soil

Startup Voyager has helped us outrank top-tier sites that have been around for decades – for several keywords in the gardening niche.

Luke Mackey

Founder & CEO, Kota

Startup Voyager has been a great partner to us on content marketing. The impact has been tangible and quick, helping us outrank government websites and established companies in the industry on topics about employee benefits in just 3-4 months.

Dan Luis


Startup Voyager has been a valuable addition to our team, and we’re happy with the positive impact they’ve had on our SEO efforts, including increased organic traffic, page 1 rankings, and overall traffic value

Jonathan Grana

Co-Founder & CEO,GoFractional

Startup Voyager has helped us make SEO our primary client acquisition channel.

What We Do

SEO Strategy

Studying your product, use cases, audience, competitors, your existing traffic & conversions.

Formulating an SEO strategy – keyword research, content plan, traffic and revenue projections.

Content Operations

Writing articles and creating pages that rank fast and drive traffic quickly.

Our content routinely outranks top sites like G2, Amazon, HubSpot, Microsoft, Forbes, etc.

Programmatic SEO

Creating hundreds or thousands of pages quickly using automation, content templates and backend databases. 

The cost/page can be as low as just a few cents/page and these can drive valuable BOFU traffic that converts.

Technical SEO

Running site audits that identify opportunities to improve your site’s crawlability for Googlebot.

Incudes: Audits for site architecture, internal links, core web vitals, navigation, category pages, etc.

Conversion Optimization

We convert more of your visitors into leads by deploying opt ins, creating conversion funnels, copywriting and UI/UX optimizing product pages and running hundreds of A/B tests & other experiments.

How Are We Different?

Rank Fast

See results in weeks, not months. Contact us to see the data.

Get Massive Traffic

We have generated hundreds of thousands of monthly organic traffic for clients in a safe and sustainable way.

Drive Millions in Revenue

We have driven millions in revenue for several clients.

Outrank Industry Giants

We routinely outrank giants like G2, Amazon, Microsoft, Forbes, Hubspot, etc. with zeo backlink acquisition.