GrowthBar Review (Features, Pricing, Alternatives)

GrowthBar is an intuitive tool that helps you with content generation and keyword ideation

But can GrowthBar help you measure up to your competitors and uncover the greatest opportunities in the SEO landscape? 

Or will it leave you completely exhausted trying to succeed at SEO and make you reach for tons of energy bars instead? 🍫

Don’t worry – you’ll know soon enough!

In this GrowthBar review, we’ll go over what GrowthBar is, five fantastic features of this tool, GrowthBar pricing plans, its limitations, and some awesome alternatives.

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Let’s go!

What is GrowthBar?

GrowthBar helps you track any website’s keyword rankings, analyze the keyword search volume, check for backlinks, and spy on your competitor’s paid social media campaigns. 🔍

From ecommerce businesses to digital marketing agencies, GrowthBar helps companies uncover critical SEO insights and perform competitive analysis.

Growthbar’s algorithm is based on OpenAI GPT-3 technology, arguably the most advanced artificial intelligence language model ever made. 

What’s in it for you? 
With this SEO tool, you can chalk out content outlines in one powerful click. Having this in your SEO toolkit will spare you the trouble of browsing through numerous blog posts to create a well-researched content outline.

The software also comes in two versions –  a standalone web application and a Chrome extension. This plugin feature sets the tool apart from its competitors like Ahrefs and SEMrush

Even though this tool is straightforward and has a user-friendly interface, any marketer can send in their detailed queries and concerns via email.

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Next, we’ll take a look at five GrowthBar features that’ll enhance your growth marketing strategy. 

5 Fantastic Things You Can Do with GrowthBar

Here are five key features of  GrowthBar that make it a must-have SEO tool for any marketer:

1. Optimize Your Content with the Best Keyword Suggestions

Your business has one ultimate goal: to attain a higher SERP while answering customer questions. And to rank higher in the SERPs, you need to generate meaningful content loved by both your customers and search engines. 

The final icing on the cake is adding the most effective keywords to your content or blog posts. Targeting the right keywords is crucial to ranking higher in the Google SERP and reaching your target audience.

On top of that, the right keywords can increase the online visibility of your content. That way, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Fortunately, a keyword research tool like GrowthBar can generate a list of keyword suggestions in seconds. Once you’ve come up with a seed keyword list, you can use it to get further keyword variations and suggestions.

With GrowthBar, you can type in the seed keyword into Google and receive keyword suggestions for every term. Digital marketers can also view other data like the monthly Google search volume and cost per click (CPC) in Facebook ads.

keyword research in growthbar

Keyword research is eye-opening for two reasons: it tells you about your customer’s Google search queries and your competitor’s highest-ranked keywords. 

As a rule, GrowthBar displays data for the five most popular keyword suggestions for every Google search query. You can view more suggestions to gain further insight by clicking the See more button below the suggestion box.

keyword suggestions in growthbar

Additionally, you can download and save these keywords in a CSV file for offline use. This way, you can share these SEO insights with your team members and clients whenever you want.

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2. Assess Ranking Possibilities with Keyword Difficulty Scores

Keyword difficulty or ranking difficulty score is one of the most vital SEO metrics that can determine your chances of ranking for a particular keyword. 

The ranking difficulty of each keyword is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 and is displayed next to the search bar. You can view this by installing the GrowthBar Chrome extension. 

Simply put, the higher the keyword difficulty score, the more challenging it is to rank for that particular keyword. Naturally, a lower score implies that it’ll be easier to outrank your competition in the SERP for that specific keyword. 

Additionally, keyword difficulty score is one of the most essential SEO insights because it helps you assess your ranking possibilities, so you know the challenges before beginning. This way, you don’t end up feeling:

spongebob finding things too hard

And with GrowthBar’s Chrome extension in your SEO toolkit, you can easily view millions of keywords and their keyword difficulty score. The score is displayed above the list of organic searches like this:

keyword difficulty score in growthbar

To add GrowthBar’s Chrome extension:

  • Log into your GrowthBar account from the Chrome browser.
  • Download GrowthBar’s Chrome extension by clicking on Get Chrome Extension on the top-right corner of your dashboard.
  • Once you’re at the download page of the Chrome extension, click on Add to Chrome to add the GrowthBar Chrome extension to your Chrome browser.
chrome extension for growthbar

Once you get the browser extension, you can access ranking difficulty scores for multiple search terms on the platform. 

This way, you can get the information you need from the search results page instead of logging into this keyword research tool every time. Additionally, you can find the right target keywords for your website in just a few seconds. 

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3. Monitor Keyword Rankings Effectively

So, you’ve done your keyword research, generated an informative article using the OpenAI GPT-3 technology, and published the SEO optimized blog content with the right keywords. 

So what next?

Rachel asking for a break

Only if you’re okay with your competitors outranking you in the search results…

We get it – planning, executing, and monitoring an effective SEO content strategy can be pretty exhausting. 

But it won’t be if you pair up with GrowthBar to achieve your goals. GrowthBar offers a built-in keyword tracking feature that keeps an eye on the keyword rankings of your website.

Why are rank trackers crucial for SEO?
Rank trackers give you real-time data about whether or not your SEO efforts are paying off. You can use this data to devise an effective growth marketing strategy. 

With the GrowthBar SEO software, you can track rankings of your targeted keywords to understand if they’re improving or going downhill. 

Moreover, you can assess the performance of your SEO content against your competitors by viewing their rankings for the same set of organic keywords. This is an important strategy for ecommerce businesses. 

To perform keyword tracking for your website or blog content:

  • Go to the GrowthBar dashboard. 
  • Click on the Keyword Tracking tab.
  • Enter your target domain and add 1-2 keywords associated with it.
keyword tracking tab in growthbar

Once you’ve set up your data for keyword rank tracking, you’ll get a Rank Tracker dashboard that looks like this:

rank tracker dashboard in growthbar

And since it’s downloadable in a CSV file, you can easily share reports with anybody in the team to keep them in the loop. 

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4. Analyze Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Backlinks serve as an essential indicator to Google that another website finds your SEO optimized blog content good enough to link to it in their own content. As a result, Google considers your content to be trustworthy and displays it to searches. 

So every time a search engine comes across your content, it’ll be like…

bart simpson

And with GrowthBar, you can examine the domain authority and backlink profile of your competitors. This competitor analysis can help you tap into unexplored backlink opportunities and help you achieve your growth marketing goals. 

Once you review your competitors’ successful link-building strategies, you can replicate them to earn similar backlinks. Additionally, you can learn from their top-performing content by accessing data in the Google Analytics report. 

To view the backlinks of any website:

  • Click on the plus icon next to Top Backlinks.
  • You can see the top 5 websites from which the backlinks were received.
  • To view more backlinks and gather further insight, click on See more. This will lead you to the top 200 referring domains.
referring domains in growthbar

And don’t worry – you can export any website’s top backlinks and domain authority data as a CSV file and refer to it later for backlink analysis! 

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5. Keep a Close Watch on your Competitors’ Ads

GrowthBar lets you view paid ads for any website on both Google and Facebook.

This means that you can monitor your competitor’s social media marketing campaigns on Facebook and see which SEO keywords they’re bidding for in Google ads. This’ll help you with competitor analysis. 

Monitoring your competitors’ paid ads and SEO content can give you some ideas on how you can use PPC (pay-per-click) ads to drive traffic to your site

You can even replicate your competitors’ paid ads strategy or create better marketing ad copies yourself! In short, this is a handy tool for marketers. 

To view your competitors’ paid keywords on the GrowthBar SEO software:

  • Click on the plus icon next to Paid keywords. This will open up the top five paid keywords on their website. 
  • To view the rest of the keywords, click on See more. You’ll get an expanded list of all the paid keywords on their website.
  • To view your competitors’ Facebook ads, click on the Facebook icon. It’ll take you to the Facebook Ads Library, where you can view all the ongoing Facebook ads run by your competitor on Facebook. 
viewing facebook ads library

What’s really cool is that you can even filter for ads running in other geographic locations or access previous Facebook marketing campaigns. 

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There’s no doubt that GrowthBar has all the right features that can help you raise your site’s SEO bar.

But does the tool have the right pricing plan that’ll fit your business requirements and marketing budget?
We’ll find it out next in this GrowthBar review.

How Much Does GrowthBar Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of GrowthBar’s pricing plans:

  • Standard ($48/month):
    • Unlimited keywords, Google ads, backlink analysis, and Facebook data
    • Track up to 25 SEO keywords
    • 15 AI-driven content outlines per month
    • One website
    • And more
  • Pro ($99/month):
    • Unlimited competitive insights on search traffic
    • Track up to 75 SEO keywords
    • 50 AI-driven content outlines per month
    • Three websites
    • And more
  • Agency ($199/month):
    • Unlimited organic traffic insights
    • Unlimited competitor traffic insight
    • Track up to 150 SEO keywords
    • 150 AI-driven content outlines per month
    • And more

The tool also offers a 5-day free trial period for new users.  

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But before you go ahead with the trial or purchase this keyword research tool, let’s see if GrowthBar has any limitations that might limit your site’s growth.

2 Limitations of Using GrowthBar

Here are two significant drawbacks of using GrowthBar:

1. Lacks Data Analysis Features

GrowthBar lacks some vital technical marketing and SEO metrics like bounce rate and average click-through rate (CTR). Additionally, the absence of SEO auditing features often make it difficult to conduct a thorough SEO analysis. 

However, the tool does provide essential SEO metrics for any website, like domain authority, keyword difficulty, and more. 

Additionally, you can use GrowthBar alongside a free SEO audit tool like Siteliner to create a comprehensive SEO solution.

2. Can’t Fix Broken Links

Broken link building is one of the most scalable SEO tactics.

Broken link building involves replacing links to 404 pages or error pages with a working website link. This way, when a user clicks on that link, they’re redirected to a functioning website. 

Consequently, they can get the information they came looking for instead of losing their patience!

emma stone losing it

Unfortunately, the GrowthBar SEO software can’t help you fix broken links, which might affect your search rankings.   

However, the tool still allows you to monitor your competitors’ backlink and gives you some tips on how you can improve your backlink and SEO strategies. 

Wanna hear something even better? 
The tool offers all of that at a much lower price point than the other leading SEO tools in the market. 

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Interested in some GrowthBar alternatives?
Next in this GrowthBar review, we’ll take a look at some of the best alternative SEO tools you can try out instead.

2 Awesome Alternatives to GrowthBar

Here are the top two GrowthBar alternatives you can try out:

1. SEMrush

Semrush is an SEO tool that offers solutions for website content creation, link building, competitive insights, keyword rank tracking, and even paid advertising. 

You can access their extensive keyword database to generate thousands of relevant keyword ideas and track the monthly search volume for any keyword. 

However, you should know that adding more marketing members to collaborate is a costly affair in SEMrush. 

So it might leave you running door to door asking…

dc universe gif on money

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the few powerful SEO tools that display data for other search engines (besides Google) like YouTube, Amazon, Bing. And It also provides millions of keyword suggestions. 

Additionally, the site audit feature in this tool can pinpoint all the existing SEO issues on your website. This tool also boasts the most extensive index of backlinks (outbound links) in the world.

However, the main drawback of using Ahrefs is that it’s not user-friendly, especially if you’re an SEO beginner or a novice marketer. 

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Is GrowthBar the Answer to All Your SEO Needs?

GrowthBar gives you all the features and data you need to execute an effective SEO campaign and competitive analysis. 

With this all-inclusive SEO tool, a marketer can generate keyword ideas, perform backlink analysis, track monthly search volume, organic traffic value, and so much more.

Not sure how to make sense of all your keyword data?

If you need some help interpreting your keyword data or need some assistance in creating an impeccable SEO and content marketing strategy, connect with the SEO experts at Startup Voyager. We can help you create a result-driven marketing campaign, implement your SEO strategy, and help you grow your organic traffic exponentially! 

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