Tune into These 25 Influential Fintech Podcasts

Build your fintech podcasts playlist with the help of this handy starter guide.

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Tune into These 25 Influential Fintech Podcasts

Too many fintech podcasts but don’t know where to start?

Dive into the dynamic world of fintech through the lens of its most influential voices with our comprehensive guide to the top fintech podcasts.

Whether you’re looking to demystify blockchain, master the art of fintech marketing, or get insights from the leaders reshaping banking, there’s a podcast for you.

These carefully curated episodes are more than just background noise; they are a gateway to the trends and innovations driving the financial technology sector forward.

Read on to discover which podcasts are worth tuning into to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry in 2024 and beyond.

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25 Leading Fintech Podcasts in 2024

How to Integrate Podcast Listening into Your Professional Routine

25 Leading Fintech Podcasts in 2024

Here’s a general fill for the fields you requested based on commonly available information about these podcasts:

1. Fintech Insider by 11:FS

Explore the pulse of financial technology with ‘Fintech Insider by 11:FS’, a podcast renowned for its in-depth analysis and lively discussions. Hosts like David Brear and Simon Taylor engage with fintech experts to uncover the latest trends and innovations, making complex topics accessible and engaging.

  • Hosts: David Brear, Jason Bates, Simon Taylor, and more
  • Topics Covered: Fintech news, interviews
  • Active Since: 2016

2. Breaking Banks

Hosted by Brett King, Breaking Banks features conversations that delve into disruptions and technological advancements reshaping banking. Each episode brings thought leaders and innovators to the forefront, discussing how fintech is revolutionizing the financial world.

  • Hosts: Brett King, Jason Henrichs, JP Nicols, and more
  • Topics Covered: Financial services, innovations, startups
  • Active Since: 2013

3. Wharton FinTech Podcast

Tune into the Wharton Fintech Podcast for insightful discussions led by Wharton students who interview thought leaders and industry titans from the fintech sector. This educational podcast blends academic rigor with valuable insights, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of finance and technology.

  • Hosts: Various Wharton students
  • Topics Covered: Fintech discussions, interviews with industry leaders
  • Active Since: 2015

4. London Fintech Podcast

Join Mike Baliman on the London Fintech Podcast as he navigates the vibrant fintech ecosystem in London and beyond. Mike’s expertise and his engaging interview style with fintech entrepreneurs offer listeners a deep dive into the strategies driving fintech innovation as well as the complexities of law and policy that shape the sector.

  • Host: Mike Baliman
  • Topics Covered: London and global fintech scene, entrepreneurship, policy
  • Active Since: 2014

5. Fintech Marketing Podcast

The Fintech Marketing Podcast is tailored for professionals navigating the intricate world of marketing within the fintech sector. Each episode hones in on effective strategies and real-world applications, featuring insights from top marketing executives in fintech companies who discuss their successes, challenges, and the dynamic nature of fintech marketing.

  • Hosts: Eric Fulwiler, Mariette Ferreira
  • Topics Covered: Marketing strategies in fintech
  • Active Since: 2021

6. Insurtech Insider

From the creators of Fintech Insider, Insurtech Insider is a dedicated podcast focusing on the insurance industry’s transformation. Hosts John Bean and Nigel Walsh explore new insurance technologies and business models with industry insiders and innovators, making it essential listening for anyone in insurtech.

  • Hosts: John Bean, Nigel Walsh
  • Topics Covered: Insurance industry innovations
  • Active Since: 2017

7. Blockchain Insider

Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain with Blockchain Insider. Hosts Mauricio Magaldi and Cuy Sheffield offer lively and informative discussions on blockchain technology’s impact on the digital and financial landscapes, featuring interviews with blockchain pioneers.

  • Hosts: Mauricio Magaldi, Cuy Sheffield
  • Topics Covered: Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology
  • Active Since: 2017

8. Under the Hood

Under the Hood offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at how fintech startups operate and scale. Hosted by experienced tech entrepreneurs, the show has a wealth of real-world insights for ambitious startup founders and professionals alike.

  • Hosts: Simon Taylor, Sankaet Pathak
  • Topics Covered: Startup operations, technology in finance
  • Active Since: 2021

9. What the Fintech?

Find answers to burning questions about the industry on each episode of What the Fintech that unpacks the latest in fintech developments. Hosted by Fintech Futures editor Paul Hindle, this podcast serves as a resource for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering a mix of news, interviews, and expert analysis.

  • Host: Paul Hindle
  • Topics Covered: Fintech news, trending topics
  • Active Since: 2020

10. Fintech One-on-One

Holding the distinction of being one of the longest-running fintech podcasts, Fintech One-on-One unpacks the latest in fintech developments with host and Fintech Nexus Chairman and Co-Founder Peter Renton and industry leaders from top firms like Goldman Sachs. This podcast serves as a resource for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering a mix of news, interviews, and expert analysis.

  • Host: Peter Renton
  • Topics Covered: Fintech ecosystem, lending, banking
  • Active Since: 2013

11. Fintech Business Podcast

Perfect for catching up on all things fintech, Fintech Business provides a quick overview of the latest news and trends in the industry. It’s an ideal listen for busy professionals who need to stay informed but are pressed for time. Curious listeners can also dig into the Substack newsletter, Fintech Business Weekly, by the same host.

  • Host: Jason Mikula
  • Topics Covered: Fintech developments
  • Active Since: 2022

12. Fintech Beat

Hosted by journalist Chris Brummer, Fintech Beat goes beyond typical fintech discussions, delving into the intersections of finance, technology, and policy. The podcast features a range of experts discussing how technology is transforming financial services from the top down.

  • Host: Chris Brummer
  • Topics Covered: Financial regulation, tech policy
  • Active Since: 2019

13. Decode Fintech

Decode Fintech is your quick fix on the financial technology innovations in the booming African market. It features the movers and shakers of the African fintech scene, making Decode Fintech a direct line of communication with the continent.

  • Host(s): NA
  • Topics Covered: Fintech in Africa
  • Active Since: 2019

14. Banking Transformed Podcast by Jim Marous

Join Jim Marous, one of the top voices in the banking industry, on Banking Transformed as he discusses how digital technologies are reshaping banking and surrounding financial institutions. The podcast features in-depth interviews with global financial service leaders, making it essential to understand phenomena like open banking that make the future of banking.

  • Host: Jim Marous
  • Topics Covered: Digital banking transformation, open banking, financial services
  • Active Since: 2019

15. Fintech Finance Podcasts: The FF Salon

Hear from the top minds of the fintech world with a series of interviews conducted by host Emily Redding. The FF Salon puts a unique spin on B2B podcasts by styling the guests’ hair during the interview as they dive into how technology is transforming finance.

  • Host: Emily Redding
  • Topics Covered: Fintech solutions, discussions with financial experts
  • Active Since: 2022

16. Digital Banking Podcast

With host Josh DeTar, the Digital Banking Podcast explores transformative technologies and strategies in banking. It’s perfect for those interested in the behind-the-scenes operations and innovations that are setting new standards in the banking industry.

  • Host: Josh DeTar
  • Topics Covered: Digital banking, open banking technologies and strategies
  • Active Since: 2020

17. Payments Innovation Podcast

Host Chris D’Antuono discusses cutting-edge innovations in payment processing on the Payments Innovation Podcast. The show explores everything from mobile payments to blockchain and is a treasure trove for payment professionals and fintech enthusiasts.

  • Host: Chris D’Antuono
  • Topics Covered: Innovations in payment processing
  • Active Since: 2018

18. Bank On It Podcast

Each episode of Bank On It, hosted by John Siracusa, features fintech founders who share their journeys, challenges, and visions. The podcast is a deep dive into the stories behind the innovations driving the fintech industry today.

  • Host: John Siracusa
  • Topics Covered: Interviews with fintech leaders and innovators
  • Active Since: 2018

19. The FinReg Pod

The FinReg Pod, hosted by Lee Reiners, focuses on financial regulations and their impact on the industry. It’s an essential resource for understanding the complexities of financial policies and their implications for the future of finance.

  • Host: Lee Reiners
  • Topics Covered: Financial regulation and policy
  • Active Since: 2019

20. The Fintech Impact Podcast

The Fintech Impact Podcast offers listeners an inside look at the changes and developments within the industry. Host Jason Pereira is a seasoned financial planner and fintech expert who delves into how technology is reshaping finance through interviews with the innovators driving this transformation.

  • Host: Jason Pereira
  • Topics Covered: Fintech entrepreneurship, business models
  • Active Since: 2018

21. Fintech Chatter Podcast

Hosted by Dexter Cousins, Fintech Chatter Podcast delves into the forefront of financial technology, featuring lively discussions with industry pioneers who share their experiences and predictions. Fintech Chatter is perfect for anyone interested in the transformative power of fintech as it offers a fresh perspective on the movers and shakers shaping the industry’s future.

  • Host: Dexter Cousins
  • Topics Covered: Interviews, fintech news
  • Active Since: 2019

22. Talking Success

Talking Success brings together influential thinkers and leaders from around the world to share their journeys, challenges, and victories in financial technology. Host Darren Franks engages with candid insights and personal anecdotes, making it an essential resource for anyone looking to understand the human stories behind fintech innovations.

  • Host: Darren Franks
  • Topics Covered: Fintech innovation stories, fintech in Africa
  • Active Since: 2020

23. News & Views by The Fintech Times

Stay on top of the latest fintech developments with News and Views by the Fintech Times that delivers insightful commentary on the most current trends and news in the fintech sector. Each episode, hosted by leading journalists from the Fintech Times, brings you expert analysis and discussions on innovations shaping the future of finance.

  • Host: Various Fintech Times journalists
  • Topics Covered: Industry news and updates
  • Active Since: 2020

24. FinTech Australia

Explore the vibrant landscape of Australian fintech with FinTech Australia. This podcast offers a deep dive into the innovations and disruptions occurring Down Under. Featuring interviews with founders, policymakers, and influencers in the Australian fintech community, it provides a unique perspective on how Australia is paving its way in the global fintech scene.

  • Host: NA
  • Topics Covered: Fintech in Australia
  • Active Since: 2021

25. Generation

Finimize, an information platform for modern investors, is on a mission to empower everyone to become their own financial advisors. Following through on this idea, their VP of Community Max Rothery hosts the fortnightly podcast, Generation. You can enjoy Max’ insightful interviews with industry leaders and startup founders on the future of financial services and fintech enterpreneurship. 

  • Host: Max Rothery
  • Topics Covered: Retail investing, financial services
  • Active Since: 2024

The long list might make you wonder how you could possibly listen to all of them.

Don’t worry. Just keep reading to learn how you learn all you can from fintech podcasts without sweating it.

How to Integrate Podcast Listening into Your Professional Routine

Podcasts can be a nifty and dynamic way of staying updated with the latest in the fintech world. They’re quicker than reading a fintech magazine or book.

But keeping up with a long list of top pods can be trickier than it appears.

Instead of staying plugged in 24*7, take up these four tips to amp up your podcast listening experience.

1. Choose the Right Podcasts

Not every recommendation deserves your time. Just because everyone is listening to it doesn’t mean you should, too.

Pick pods that appeal to your interests and needs. Because if it doesn’t trigger your curiosity, you’ll never end up getting hooked.

So do some homework.

Go through summaries and transcripts (if needed), and even listen to an episode or two. Go through the reviews and learn what your circle has to say about it.

In the end, come up with a short, densely informative list of podcasts that you know you can stick to listening to.

2. Pick Tasks That You Can Listen to Podcasts During

It’s not a lecture. Podcasts are meant to simulate real-life conversations.

Find a part of the day (driving, exercising, etc.) you can listen to podcasts during without it affecting your task. Or even set aside breaks dedicated to relaxed listening.

The repetitive nature of that chore will ensure you tune in regularly.

Whatever you do, if your goal is to learn something, listening to podcasts in bed won’t help you!

3. Remember to Extract Learnings

All those hours spent listening will be a waste if you can’t remember anything.

But you probably won’t be able to take notes during either.

Instead, automate the task, if possible. Find apps that give you automatic transcripts that you can refer back to or let you create clips of sections you find interesting.

And if it’s a really compelling episode, do it the old-fashioned way. Just listen to the episode again, read up on the background, and take notes.

4. Apply Learnings in Your Daily Life

You put in all that hardwork to become smarter. Now it’s time to flaunt that big brain!

Bring up what you learned in conversations, share the learnings with your colleagues, and even distill them into your work life.

All Ears on Fintech: Your Playlist Awaits!

Whether you’re a fintech aficionado or a newcomer eager to decode the complexities of financial technologies, consider this content hub of podcasts as a sonic journey through the landscape of finance and tech.

From informative long-form episodes that make for deep listening to fun and groovy interviews that’ll make strangers tune in, too — there’s something for everyone on the list.

So plug in your earphones, press play, and let the profound knowledge of industry leaders transform your commute into a classroom!

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