25 Must-Read Fintech Newsletters

Discover the top 25 fintech newsletters offering insights, trends, and updates to help you stay ahead in the fast-evolving fintech industry.

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25 Must-Read Fintech Newsletters

In 2024, the fintech market is projected to surpass $340 billion, and by 2032, it’s expected to nearly quadruple to $1.15 trillion. 

With such explosive growth, staying up to date on the latest fintech trends and innovations is crucial.

In this article, we’ve curated the top 25 fintech newsletters to keep you informed and ahead in the fintech world. 

We’ll also explore how to choose the right newsletter, how frequently you should read it to stay updated, and how it compares to traditional financial news sources.

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25 Essential Fintech Newsletters to Follow

Fintech, combining finance and technology, streamlines money management for consumers and businesses using AI, big data, blockchain, and other cutting-edge technologies. 

With the rise of services like Cash App, Plaid, and Blockchain.com, fintech is transforming the banking industry. 

Here’s a list of the best fintech newsletters you need to keep your eye on:

1. Fintech Weekly

Fintech Weekly has been a trusted source of information for the fintech community for several years, with archives dating back to at least 2014. 

Powered by Railslove GmbH, a digital agency based in Cologne, Germany, FinTech Weekly covers various topics, including cryptocurrency, banking innovation, sustainable finance, NFTs, and more.

  • Content Focus: Trends, blockchain, AI, central bank digital currency, financial regulations
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly 
  • Membership: Free

2. This Week In Fintech

This Week in Fintech, founded by Nik Milanović, delivers the latest news, trends, and insights in the fintech industry weekly. It features contributions from industry experts and offers diverse perspectives and insider views. 

The fintech newsletter is part of a broader community hosting events and networking opportunities for professionals.

  • Content Focus: Trends, blockchain, AI, financial regulations, market updates
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

3. Fintech Futures

Join a vibrant community of over 100,000 unique monthly visitors and 35,000 active newsletter subscribers with Fintech Futures. 

Established in 1983, Fintech Futures is a premier digital publishing platform and a leading source of news and analysis for the global fintech community. 

The publication also regularly hosts webinars and podcasts that provide in-depth discussions on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in fintech. 

  • Content Focus: AI, banking technology, regtech, paytech, central bank digital currency, wealthtech, lendtech, insurtech, fintech news, industry events, press releases, podcasts
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

4. The Fintech Times

The Fintech Times, established in 2016, provides bi-monthly publications exploring the dynamic world of financial technology. 

Founded by Disrupts Media Limited, it blends firsthand insights, opinions, and expertise with observational journalism. 

  • Content Focus: Artificial intelligence, banking, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital assets, ethical banking, fintech ecosystems, fintech news, industry events, reports, podcasts
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

5. Fintech.io

FinTech Collective is a venture capital firm founded in 2012, dedicated to supporting visionary fintech founders. 

Based in New York City, the firm’s weekly newsletter delivers a curated summary of global fintech news and original analysis by the team. 

What’s more?
FinTech Collective invests in various fintech sectors, including payments, lending, and blockchain, partnering with companies like Vestwell, Flutterwave, and Anyfin.

  • Content Focus: Payments, banking, artificial intelligence, lending, fintech news, original analysis
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

6. Dealroom

Yoram Wijngaarde, who founded Dealroom.co in 2013, has a rich investment banking and venture capital background. 

Before starting Dealroom, he worked at Lehman Brothers, Nomura Securities, and NOAH Advisors, gaining extensive experience in advising media, telecom, and internet companies. 

His vision for Dealroom.co was to revolutionize access to fintech startup data and insights, making it an essential resource for industry professionals.

  • Content Focus: Fintech startup data, venture capital, innovation, data insights
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

7. Mint Studios Content Marketing Fintech

The Mint Copywriting Studios newsletter is sent out every two weeks. It provides the latest articles, case studies, and a featured fintech strategy or tactic the team has been experimenting with. 

It’s a valuable resource for those interested in fintech content marketing, offering practical tips and insights to help grow your financial services company.

  • Content Focus: Fintech marketing strategies, case studies, content marketing tips
  • Publishing Frequency: Bi-weekly
  • Membership: Free

8. Fintech Takes

The Fintech Takes newsletter, authored by Alex Johnson, is published twice weekly and provides in-depth breakdowns of the latest product launches, funding rounds, acquisitions, and crypto news in the fintech space. 

Alex Johnson leverages his extensive industry experience to offer insightful analysis with a touch of humor and pop culture references, making it a unique and engaging read. 

  • Content Focus: Product launches, funding, acquisitions, crypto news, fintech industry analysis
  • Publishing Frequency: Twice a week
  • Membership: Free

9. Fintech Brain food

Feed your fintech curiosity with the Fintech Brainfood newsletter by Simon Taylor.

Simon Taylor is the co-founder of the fintech consultancy 11:FS and former head of blockchain research at Barclays. 

With over 20 years of experience in software, payments, banking, and financial services, he is consistently recognized as one of the most prominent fintech influencers.

Simon’s extensive expertise and vision for fintech innovation make Fintech Brainfood a must-read for staying ahead in the fintech world.

  • Content Focus: Fintech trends, product launches, funding, acquisitions, crypto news, industry analysis
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

10. Sifted

Dive into the European fintech and startup ecosystem with the Sifted newsletter. Get the latest news, expert analysis, and trends across sectors. 

With editions covering daily news, fintech updates, startup life, and climate tech, it’s ideal for staying ahead in European technology.

  • Content Focus: European fintech, startups, fintech, climate tech, venture capital
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly 
  • Membership: Free for basic newsletters; premium content available for Sifted Pro subscribers

11. Fintech Business Weekly

Get an in-depth analysis of banking, fintech, and crypto through the Fintech Business Weekly newsletter by Jason Mikula. 

Before founding Fintech Business Weekly, he held various roles in digital banking and financial services, bringing a wealth of experience and insight to his writing.

The newsletter has gained a strong following since its inception, with over 65,000 subscribers relying on it for their weekly fintech insights.

  • Content Focus: Banking trends, fintech, crypto, financial technology analysis
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

12. Fintech R&R

Authored by Jas Shah, Fintech R&R offers bi-weekly analysis and insights into trends in the fintech universe. 

Written from a product perspective, it includes expert insights, witty commentary, and movie references, making it both informative and entertaining for fintech professionals and enthusiasts.

  • Content Focus: Fintech trends, product insights, industry analysis
  • Publishing Frequency: Bi-weekly
  • Membership: Free

13. Net Interest

The Net Interest newsletter, authored by former hedge fund manager Marc Rubinstein, provides insightful analysis and commentary on the financial sector. 

With over 25 years of experience, Rubinstein distills complex financial topics into easily digestible content. 

Each week, subscribers receive deep dives into banking trends, fintech developments, and investment strategies, alongside Rubinstein’s expert insights.

  • Content Focus: Financial sector insights, banking trends, fintech developments, investment analysis
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free for the main newsletter. $25/month for paid subscribers, which includes supplementary content, full archive access, and invitations to conference calls.

14. a16z

a16z Fintech is a newsletter run by Andreessen Horowitz, a prominent venture capital firm investing in innovative fintech startups

Their focus areas include banking, lending, insurance, real estate, and investing. The team believes in leveraging mobile, digital money, AI, and new data sources to transform financial services. 

  • Content Focus: Fintech, insurtech, proptech, industry trends, expert analysis
  • Publishing Frequency: Monthly
  • Membership: Free

15. The Fintech Blueprint

The goal of the Lex newsletter is to keep fintech professionals informed about the legal and regulatory landscape, helping them navigate complex legal issues and stay compliant with new regulations.

Written by a team of legal experts, this fintech newsletter covers significant legal trends, court decisions, and legislative updates that impact financial technology.

  • Content Focus: Legal analysis, policy updates, court decisions, AI, blockchain, neobanks
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly (free tier) and four times a week (paid tier)
  • Membership: Free for the basic newsletter; $24/month for premium content, including access to the full archive, enhanced podcasts, and digital roundtables

16. Marcel Van Oost

The Marcel van Oost newsletter delivers curated insights and updates on the fintech ecosystem, highlighting key developments and trends. 

What’s more?
Subscribers receive exclusive benefits such as discounts on industry events, direct access to Marcel, one-on-one meetings, and more.

  • Content Focus: Fintech developments, industry trends, market insights, emerging opportunities
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free for the basic newsletter. Premium content available for paid subscribers

17. Fintech Today

Founded by the Strategic Communications Group (SCG), the Financial Technology Today newsletter offers detailed coverage of the latest advancements and trends in the fintech industry. 

It includes expert analyses and insights into emerging technologies, market shifts, and regulatory changes. 

  • Content Focus: Fintech news, industry trends, market insights, technology developments
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

18. Sophie Guibaud’s Newsletter

Each week, Sophie Guibaud explores key topics such as upgrading banking infrastructure, rethinking business models, embedded insurance, and the future of financial technology. 

Full of in-depth analyses and engaging discussions with industry leaders, this newsletter is perfect for fintech professionals and enthusiasts looking to stay informed and ahead of industry trends.

  • Content Focus: Fintech trends, business model innovation, embedded finance, open banking, financial infrastructure, industry leader interviews
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

19. Fintech Radar

This one should definitely be on your radar!

Authored by Alan Tsen, The Fintech Radar provides weekly updates on significant product launches, market moves, and regulatory changes.

Alan Tsen is a fintech expert with over 20 years of experience and is the former GM of Stone & Chalk Melbourne and Chair of FinTech Australia.

His deep industry knowledge and influential positions make Fintech Radar a trusted source of information about fintech.

  • Content Focus: Fintech news, product launches, market trends, regulatory updates, industry insights
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

20. Future of Fintech

This newsletter is your crystal ball into the future of fintech! 

It provides comprehensive insights and updates on the latest trends and developments in the fintech industry. Readers can explore a wide range of topics, from blockchain and open banking to digital banks and regulatory changes. 

  • Content Focus: Fintech trends, blockchain, open banking, digital banks, regulatory updates, AI advancements, industry news
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

21. The Financial Brand

Founded by Jeffry Pilcher, the platform offers in-depth articles, webinars, reports, and research to keep banking executives up-to-date with the latest industry developments. 

The Financial Brand is part of a larger media group and organizes the annual Financial Brand Forum, a premier event for banking professionals.

  • Content Focus: Banking trends, digital transformation, fintech innovation, customer experience, digital marketing, data analytics, AI, payment trends, banking technology, mobile banking
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

22. Pivot Assets

Stay on point with Pivot Assets! 

Authored by Stessa Cohen, this newsletter offers insightful analysis of the latest trends and developments in fintech. Dive into topics like legacy banking, technology’s role in personalized services, notable fintech partnerships, and the impact of women in fintech growth.

  • Content Focus: Fintech trends, legacy banking, AI and technology, fintech partnerships, women in fintech, customer experience
  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Membership: Free

23. The Daily Peel

The Daily Peel is a lively, meme-filled weekday newsletter catering to the finance community. It provides a quick recap of critical financial market moves and investing news each morning. 

With hundreds of thousands of subscribers and high engagement rates, nearly all sponsors renew their ad placements due to the high opens and clicks.

  • Content Focus: Stock market updates, cryptocurrency and NFTs, real estate, economic indicators
  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Membership: Free

24. The Milk Road

Join over 300,000 subscribers and stay updated with the latest in the crypto world with the Milk Road newsletter. 

This daily fintech newsletter provides a concise, 5-minute read on what matters most in cryptocurrency, covering essential news, market trends, and insightful analysis.

  • Content Focus: Cryptocurrency news, market trends, crypto analyses
  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Membership: Free

25. Market Briefs

The Briefs Media team, affectionately called “Money Nerds,” strives to save readers time by distilling important financial information into 5-minute morning readings.

Their mission is to deliver top financial news from the comfort of their briefs, with a focus on keeping the content short and sweet! 

Covering real estate, crypto, stock markets, and the global economy, it’s your go-to source for making smarter investment decisions.

  • Content Focus: Financial news, real estate updates, cryptocurrency, stock market news, global economy insights
  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Membership: Free

Got a few more questions?
We’ve got you covered. 

3 FAQs Related to Fintech Newsletters

Here are the answers to a few burning questions about fintech newsletters:

1. How Do I Choose the Right Fintech Newsletter for Me?

Consider your specific interests within fintech, such as payments, blockchain, lending, or regulatory updates. Look for newsletters that cover these areas and have a reputation for quality content. 

Checking reviews and recommendations can also help you find the right fit.

2. How Frequently Should One Read Fintech Newsletters to Stay Informed?

To stay well-informed in the dynamic fintech industry, reading newsletters weekly is ideal. This frequency ensures you receive timely updates on trends, innovations, and market changes without being overwhelmed. 

For critical updates and deeper insights, consider subscribing to daily newsletters to stay ahead of rapid developments. 

If you don’t have time to read these newsletters weekly or daily, you can:

  • Choose a few high-quality newsletters that provide comprehensive summaries.
  • Dedicate a few minutes each week to catch up on important updates.
  • Use tools or apps that summarize newsletter content into brief highlights.
  • Use features like bookmarks or save-for-later options to read at your convenience.
  • Listen to podcast versions to stay informed while commuting or multitasking.

3. How Do Fintech Newsletters Compare to Traditional Financial News Sources?

Fintech newsletters offer specialized, concise content on innovations and trends, delivered directly to your inbox, often featuring expert insight and community engagement. 

On the other hand, traditional financial news sources provide broader coverage of markets and economies, usually through websites or print editions. 

Both are valuable, but newsletters offer fintech professionals a more focused and interactive experience.

Step Into the Dynamic World of Fintech

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your fintech journey, these newsletters are your gateway to the latest trends, insights, and innovations in financial technology.

Each issue brings a unique blend of expert analysis, industry updates, and thought-provoking content. 

Subscribe now and stay ahead of the curve, gaining a deeper understanding of the fintech landscape.

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