20 Innovative FinTech Companies in Manchester

Explore the 20 leading FinTech companies in Manchester, from groundbreaking startups to major industry players.

fintech companies in manchester

20 Innovative FinTech Companies in Manchester

Manchester is making waves as a hub for FinTech innovation. 

Wondering why?
This vibrant city is home to a blend of agile startups and established industry giants.

Now, are you keen to discover the key players revolutionizing the FinTech sector in this city?

Join us on this journey through Manchester’s dynamic FinTech sector, where we unveil 20 pioneering companies driving innovation and shaping the future of finance.

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Manchester: The Epicenter of FinTech Innovation in Northern England

Manchester boasts the fastest-growing FinTech sector in Northern England, contributing approximately £1 billion ($1.25 billion) annually to the regional economy. The city’s dynamic landscape is home to a vibrant mix of startups, scaleups, and global FinTech giants such as Adyen and Klarna.

But why has Manchester emerged as a leading FinTech hub? 
A key factor is its vast talent pool, supported by Europe’s largest university population. This educational strength fosters extensive collaboration across public, private, and academic sectors. Notable initiatives, like the Centre for Financial Technology Studies at Alliance Manchester Business School, propel advancements in fields like cryptocurrency, AI, and green finance.

Additionally, Manchester’s appealing quality of life and lower operating costs compared to London attract both individuals and businesses. This solidifies the region’s role as a pivotal hub for digital and FinTech innovation.

Well, it’s clear why Manchester is a beacon for FinTech.
But then, who are the key players in the industry?

Top 20 FinTech Companies in Manchester

Let’s walk you through the essential FinTech companies to look out for in Manchester:

I. Payment Solutions

Below are the FinTech companies offering seamless payment solutions:

1. Klarna

Klarna is an e-commerce payment solutions platform that revolutionizes online shopping with its flexible payment options. This includes “buy now, pay later” plans, direct payments, and installment plans.

Klarna’s technology is integrated by over 500,000 retailers worldwide, including prominent names like H&M and Nike.

  • Founder/CEO: Sebastian Siemiatkowski
  • Funding: $4.5B
  • Last Funding Round: Venture Round
  • Address: John Dalton Street, Manchester, England, GB

2. AccessPay

AccessPay specializes in cloud-based solutions that enhance payment operations for finance and treasury teams. It integrates with over 16,000 banks and automates various aspects of financial operations, including bank statement retrieval and payment security.

  • Founder/CEO: Anish Kapoor
  • Funding: $50M
  • Last Funding Round: Venture Round
  • Address: City Tower – 18th Floor, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, United Kingdom M1 4BT, GB

3. Total Processing

Total Processing offers customized payment solutions for both e-commerce and in-store channels across the globe. It provides access to leading payment gateways and has additional expertise in risk management and data analytics.

  • Founder/CEO: Alex Leigh
  • Funding: $6.26M
  • Last Funding Round: Debt Financing
  • Address: 111 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2HY, GB

4. Adyen

Adyen offers a comprehensive financial technology platform that provides end-to-end payment solutions, data-driven insights, and financial products. It supports various payment methods, manages fraud at scale, and integrates online and offline customer transactions through its “Unified Commerce” system.

  • Co-Founders: Pieter van der Does, Arnout Schuijff
  • Funding: $266M
  • Last Funding Round: Venture Round
  • Address: 18 Lower Byrom Street, Bonded Warehouse (Suite 414), Manchester, Manchester M3 4AP, GB

5. Rezypay

Rezypay is pioneering the global real estate management sector by being the first to introduce rent payments through credit cards. This innovation offers a significant transformation in how real estate transactions are conducted — enhancing convenience and broadening financial options for real estate management.

  • Founder/Co-Founders: NA
  • Funding: NA
  • Last Funding Round: NA
  • Address: Altrincham Road, Manchester, İngiltere GB

II. Personal and Consumer Finance Solutions

Now, let’s look at the leading firms that help individuals manage their finances more effectively:

6. Financielle

Financielle is the UK’s largest female-focused finance app, designed to help women manage their finances, eliminate debt, save more, and invest for the future. The app combines practical financial tools, engaging lifestyle content, and a supportive community to help users navigate and enhance their financial journey.

  • Co-Founders: Laura Pomfret, Holly Holland
  • Funding: $500.7K
  • Last Funding Round: Pre-Seed
  • Address: Manchester, United Kingdom

7. Raisin UK

Raisin UK operates as the UK savings marketplace for Raisin — a leading technology-driven financial services provider in Europe. The platform simplifies the process of applying for deposit-protected savings accounts — offering access to a wide selection of banks and exclusive rates to maximize earnings on savings.

  • Founder: Kevin Mountford
  • Funding: NA
  • Last Funding Round: NA
  • Address: Cobden House, 12 – 16 Moseley Street, Manchester, England M23AQ, GB

8. OpenMoney

OpenMoney combines expert financial advice with powerful tools to help users effectively manage their finances. The firm ensures financial guidance is available to everyone regardless of their economic background.

  • Founder/CEO: Carlos Peña
  • Funding: NA
  • Last Funding Round: NA
  • Address: 1 St Peter’s Square, Manchester, England M2 3AE, GB

9. Etika

Etika operates as an ethical lender focused on financial inclusion by offering fair and transparent finance solutions. It provides loans that support positive societal and environmental impact, and promotes financial wellness by accommodating a diverse range of customers.

  • Founder/CEO: Robert Schuijff
  • Funding: NA
  • Last Funding Round: Venture Round
  • Address: Suite 2.01, Colony, One Silk Street, Ancoats, Manchester, England, M4 6AG, GB

10. Collctiv

Collctiv provides a group payments platform that helps users collect and manage funds for group activities, trips, or events easily. It has won numerous awards for its innovative approach, including the Regional Winner award for Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year from Barclays in 2021.

  • Founder: Pete Casson, 
  • Funding: $1.1M
  • Last Funding Round: Pre-Seed
  • Address: 5 Piccadilly Place, Manchester, England, M1 3BR, GB

III. Business Financial Services and Banking Solutions

Let’s discover the key players that empower companies with advanced tools for financial management and growth:

11. OakNorth

OakNorth is a digital bank dedicated to serving small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often overlooked by traditional banks. It uses a data-led, forward-looking approach to provide bespoke debt finance solutions and personal savings options.

  • Founder/Co-Founders: Rishi Khosla, Joel Perlman
  • Funding: $1B
  • Last Funding Round: Non-Equity Assistance
  • Address: 6th Floor, Ship Canal House, 98 King St, Manchester, M2 4WU, GB

12. BankiFi

BankiFi provides a technology platform that enables banks and financial institutions to offer integrated services, such as accounting, invoicing, and payments. It aims to shift banks from being product-centric to customer-centric, thereby reducing costs while supporting the growth and efficiency of small businesses.

  • Founder/CEO: Mark Hartley
  • Funding: $8.37M
  • Last Funding Round: Series A
  • Address: Beehive Mill, Jersey Street, Manchester, M4 6JG, GB

13. Planixs

Planixs specializes in real-time treasury software for the banking and financial services industries. In 2018, it ranked 22nd in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100, making it the UK’s number one “Enterprise FinTech” company.

  • Founder/CEO: Neville Roberts
  • Funding: $4.38M
  • Last Funding Round: Venture Round
  • Address: Union House, 2-10 Albert Square, Manchester, Greater Manchester M2 6LW, GB

14. Conferma

Conferma focuses on global payment technologies, specifically in virtual payments. It connects users with over 700 travel management companies, major global distribution systems, and corporate booking tools. 

It has partnered with over 75 banks worldwide to issue virtual cards in 100 currencies across 197 countries.

  • Founder/CEO: Jason Lalor
  • Funding: NA
  • Last Funding Round: NA
  • Address: Ocean House, Wilmslow Road, Towers Business Park, Didsbury, Manchester, Cheshire M20 2RY, GB

15. Zuto

Zuto is a web-based financing platform that streamlines the car-buying process by connecting customers with lenders and dealers. It offers personalized assistance, a variety of financing options suitable for diverse financial backgrounds, and tools like vehicle history and valuation checks.

  • Founder/CEO: James Wilkinson
  • Funding: $25.5M
  • Last Funding Round: Non-Equity Assistance
  • Address: 4th Floor, Acresfield, 8 Exchange Street, Manchester, M2 7HA, GB

16. Hydr

Hydr offers an innovative invoice finance platform that optimizes cash flow for SMEs by ensuring fast, stress-free invoice payments within 24 hours. It integrates with Xero cloud accounting software for real-time funding decisions and includes credit protection in its flat fee.

  • Founder/Co-Founders: Nicola Weedall, Hector Macandrew
  • Funding: $427.9K
  • Last Funding Round: Equity Crowdfunding
  • Address: Bonded Warehouse 18 Lower Byrom Street Manchester M3 4AP, GB

IV. Investment and Specialized Financial Support Services

Check out the firms offering strategic solutions tailored to diverse financial needs:

17. AJ Bell

AJ Bell is a leading online investment platform that is part of the FTSE 250 on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. 

It has over 503,000 customers and offers extensive investment options through SIPPs (Self-Invested Personal Pensions), ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts), and Dealing accounts. 

  • Founder/Co-Founders: Andy Bell
  • Funding: NA
  • Last Funding Round: NA
  • Address: 4 Exchange Quay, Salford Quays, Manchester, M5 3EE, GB

18. Niftyz

Niftyz leverages Web 3.0 technologies like tokens and NFTs to transform how creators, businesses, and institutions engage with digital assets and conduct transactions. It offers solutions for secure communication, digital assets monetization, identity verification, digital signing, and legal document handling — all integrated with blockchain technology.

  • Founder/CEO: Sara Simeone
  • Funding: $650K
  • Last Funding Round: Seed
  • Address: Manchester, UK, Manchester M3, GB

19. BetaScore

BetaScore provides a financial platform that helps “Credit Invisibles” and “Digital Nomads” leverage their transactional data and home credit history to access prime lending and financial services. The platform allows users to transfer and integrate their credit scores internationally — enhancing credit opportunities globally. 

  • Co-Founders: Josh, Seun
  • Funding: NA
  • Last Funding Round: NA
  • Address: Manchester, GB

20. RDvault

RDvault offers a specialized software platform that helps companies in the UK efficiently and compliantly claim their R&D tax credits. 

It has claimed over £40 million from HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) and boasts a high success rate for claims, low fees, and fast processing times.

  • Founder/CEO: Shoayb Patel
  • Funding: NA
  • Last Funding Round: NA

Address: 55 Spring Gardens, Manchester, England M2 2BY, GB

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