5 Leading Fintech Companies in Liverpool

Check out some of the most path-breaking fintech companies in Liverpool and how they’re disrupting the market.

5 Leading Fintech Companies in Liverpool

5 Leading Fintech Companies in Liverpool

Exploring Liverpool’s thriving fintech scene?

The region’s rich history of commerce, coupled with strong institutional support for local businesses, has contributed to an unforeseen fintech boom in recent years.

No wonder it’s been the focus of entrepreneurial activity of late.

Take a detailed look at this diverse landscape of Liverpool’s fintech sector by going over its key players and their unique contributions to reshaping financial services locally and globally.

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An Overview of Liverpool’s Fintech Landscape
Top 5 Fintech Companies in Liverpool

An Overview of Liverpool’s Fintech Landscape

Home to nearly 40+ unique companies, Liverpool’s fintech industry is estimated to be worth £218.8 GVA as of 2023.

What contributes to such epic growth?

For one, Liverpool’s rich history as a booming center of trade and commerce makes it an ideal destination for finance. The city has always been at the forefront of financial innovation and was ripe to capitalize on any startup activity in these sectors.

On top of this, there’s been an institutional focus on R&D to foster local enterprises. The existence of long-established players like Barclays, Santander, and Investec only adds to this wave.

Finally, its considerably lower wages and real estate costs than urban hubs like London, coupled with hyperconnectivity to the global economy, have contributed to this phenomenal growth.

These factors have helped Liverpool become recognized as a leading fintech hub by Innovate Finance — the voice of UK fintech.

Top 5 Fintech Companies in Liverpool

Liverpool’s fintech scene is a tapestry of innovation and tradition, showcasing a dynamic blend of startups and established companies that leverage the city’s robust commercial legacy and modern technological advances. 

Explore Liverpool’s top 5 fintech companies across payments, insurtech, and beyond.

1. iCede

iCede offers innovative Insurtech solutions tailored for commercial insurers handling multinational insurance. Based in Liverpool’s iconic Cotton Exchange building, iCede has over 60 years of experience in insurance and another 40 years in just global insurance.

  • Founders: Peter Brennan
  • Funding: NA
  • Last funding round: NA
  • Address: Cotton Exchange, Bixteth Street, Suite 616, LIVERPOOL, MERSEYSIDE L3 9LQ, GB

2. Texxi Global

Texxi Global is a pioneer in ride logistics and congestion pricing models, integrating financial solutions with urban transportation challenges. Their innovative approach leverages technology to optimize urban mobility and improve the efficiency of transportation networks, directly impacting how cities manage and monetize vehicle flows.

  • Founder: Eric Matthew
  • Funding: £3 million
  • Last funding round: Seed

3. CIRCA5000

CIRCA5000 is an innovative fintech company that empowers individuals to make sustainable and impactful investment choices. Their platform focuses on environmentally and socially responsible investments, helping users grow their wealth while contributing positively to the world and aligning financial goals with personal values for a better future.

  • Co-founders: Tom McGillycuddy, Matt Latham
  • Funding: 16.6 million
  • Last funding round: Series A
  • Address: Liverpool, Merseyside L10AX, GB

4. Rathbones

Rathbones, one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management services, has a significant presence in Liverpool, where it operates from its historic Port of Liverpool Building. Rathbones integrates fintech innovations into its wealth management services in Liverpool, employing advanced digital tools and platforms to enhance investment strategies and client communications.

  • Founders: William Rathbone II
  • Funding: NA
  • Last funding round: NA
  • Address: Port of Liverpool Building, Pier Head, Liverpool, L3 1NW, United Kingdom

5. Swoop

Swoop Funding is a cutting-edge fintech platform designed to simplify and optimize the process of securing business financing. By integrating technology to efficiently match businesses with loans, grants, and equity funding, Swoop Funding empowers entrepreneurs and companies to find the best financial solutions with ease, transforming the landscape of business finance management.

  • Co-founders: Andrea Reynolds, Ciaran Burke
  • Funding: 16.8 million
  • Last funding round: Series A

Address: Suite 42, 4th Floor, Oriel Chambers, 14 Water Street, Liverpool, L2 8TD

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