15 Fintech Blogs to Make You Smarter in 2024

Looking for fintech blog recommendations? We’ll share 15 of our favorite picks to get you started.

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15 Fintech Blogs to Make You Smarter in 2024

Looking to read more fintech blogs but don’t know where to begin?

With advancements in artificial intelligence and web3, there’s a new fintech innovation almost every week!

With so much happening across the globe, keeping up with the latest news can feel like a thankless chore.

But fear not. We’ve collected 15 insightful fintech blogs that can give you food for thought. So, get your coffee ready and read on to discover new bookmark-worthy blogs. 

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15 Top-Rated Fintech Blogs

15 Top-Rated Fintech Blogs

Start your workday right by perusing through these 15 fintech blogs:

1. FinTech Futures

FinTech Futures is an independent fintech news source. Starting out as Banking Technology in 1983, it has transformed into a major online and print media house serving the global banking and fintech industry.

  • Target Audience: Senior fintech professionals
  • Topics Covered: Fintech, bankingtech, paytech, regtech, wealthtech, lendtech & insurtech
  • Formats: Podcasts, white papers, detailed analyses, and case studies

2. Cleo Blog

Cleo is a fast-emerging fintech startup with an AI-powered app that offers financial services such as digital lending and budget tracking. What makes it unique is that its articles are often as humorous as they are insightful.

  • Target Audience: Millennials and Gen Z working professionals
  • Topics Covered: Personal finance, financial well-being, financial inclusion, artificial intelligence, and wealth creation
  • Formats: Tips and tricks, industry reports, and case studies

3. Finextra

Based in London, Finextra is an independent newswire covering the fintech industry. They also have a community blog section where professionals can create their own posts and discuss the latest developments in the financial technology landscape.

  • Target Audience: Fintech professionals and technologists
  • Topics Covered: Capital markets, insurance, retail banking, generative AI, DevOps, startups, and cloud computing
  • Formats: News, videos, interviews, blog groups, and community posts

4. Bank Automation News

Leaning towards the technical side of fintech, Bank Automation News tracks updates in digital banking and covers the future of innovation, such as automation and generative AI. It also examines how banks and financial institutions are using automation to stay competitive.

  • Target Audience: Banking leaders and CTOs of fintech companies
  • Topics Covered: Cloud computing, digital payments, regulation, digital banking, retail banking, and data security
  • Formats: Case studies, podcasts, and fintech data (directory, ratings, etc) 

5. Chime Money Moves

Chime is a fast-growing mobile banking app known for being fun and easy to use. Their fintech blog is designed to be accessible and practical, catering to an audience that wants to improve their financial health.

  • Target Audience: Working professionals
  • Topics Covered: Banking, credit, money habits, and financial safety
  • Formats: Guides and analyses

6. Changelly Blog

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The blog was created to educate their audience about the types of digital assets and the financial market. You can also browse through their academy to access guides to complex crypto concepts.

  • Target Audience: Beginners to crypto enthusiasts
  • Topics Covered: Blockchain, cryptocurrency, investing, crypto market and web3
  • Formats: News, market analyses, beginner guides, and crash courses 

7. Wealthfront Blog

Wealthfront is a robo-advisor that uses algorithms to identify and invest in the right stocks and ETFs. Their blog acts as a central hub of information for all things related to investing. However, their financial advice is based on the US equities market.

  • Target Audience: New investors to experts
  • Topics Covered: Stock market, personal finance, financial inclusion, and financial planning
  • Formats: Industry insights and investment guides

8. The Finanser

Chris Skinner is a noted speaker who specializes in the future of business, finance, and technology. His blog is an extension of his public commentary, where he discusses in detail how the latest technologies, such as crypto, artificial intelligence, etc., are disrupting the traditional finance industry.

  • Target Audience: Fintech professionals, venture capitalists, and policymakers
  • Topics Covered: Digital banking, sustainability, cryptocurrency, and digital transformation
  • Formats: Analyses, tech news roundups, and webinars

9. Bolt Blog

Bolt is a fintech company that provides a checkout experience platform designed for e-commerce businesses. Their blog includes company updates mixed with news about their industry.

  • Target Audience: E-commerce professionals
  • Topics Covered: Retail, e-commerce, and payments
  • Formats: Guides and webinars


PYMNTS is a fintech intelligence provider that gives decision-makers valuable insight into how technology is transforming financial institutions. It is well known for predicting fintech trends with its research and data analysis capabilities, so executives can make informed decisions.

  • Target Audience: Fintech and banking professionals, e-commerce professionals, and private investors
  • Topics Covered: B2B, retail, fintech, payments, digital transformation, digital assets, regulations, and financial markets
  • Formats: News, in-depth analyses, videos, tracker reports, and industry reports

11. Fintech Finance

Fintech Finance is a comprehensive financial technology news source that keeps an eye out for the latest trends and developments in various financial institutions. It also allows companies to promote their brands on its platform. 

  • Target Audience: Fintech professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors
  • Topics Covered: Fintech, paytech, insurtech, tradetech, crypto, funding, digital transformation, and sustainability
  • Formats: News, podcasts, interviews, commentary, white papers, and magazines

12. Drawbridge Blog

Drawbridge is a financial brand known for its cybersecurity services, which are tailored to the needs of fintech companies, particularly hedge funds, private equity firms, and other asset managers. Their blog is packed with articles about data security and risk prevention in the financial sector.

  • Target Audience: Fintech CSOs (Chief Security Officers) 
  • Topics Covered: Cyber risk assessment, hedge fund protection, and operational due diligence
  • Formats: Case studies, webinars, and analyses.

13. Finsight.news

Launched in 2021, Finsight.news is an up-and-coming independent media brand based in the United States that monitors the latest trends in the global finance landscape. They invite experts to write research-based articles or opinion pieces about fintech topics that impact the lives of working professionals.

  • Target Audience: Fintech professionals and venture capitalists
  • Topics Covered: Financial markets, credit union, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, financial policy, and geopolitics
  • Formats: Analyses, news, opinion posts, and videos

14. Fintech Weekly

Fintech Weekly is an online magazine that covers the current issues and the latest trends in the financial industry. What’s interesting about this fintech blog is that readers can submit their own educational articles and companies can promote their financial brand with sponsored articles.

  • Target Audience: Fintech professionals and executives
  • Topics Covered: Open banking, metaverse, artificial intelligence, and digital assets
  • Formats: News, videos, and branded articles

15. PensionBee Blog

PensionBee provides fintech solutions that allow users to manage their pension plans and save for retirement. Its blog is a centralized hub for all things related to retirement planning.

  • Target Audience: Senior working professionals and retirees.
  • Topics Covered: Personal finance, retirement planning, wealth management, investing, and financial inclusion
  • Formats: Analyses and podcasts

Your Next Favorite Fintech Blog Resides Here

Whether you’re a casual reader or a financial technology professional, this list has something for everyone. From personal finance to financial policies, you’ll be able to find a blog that covers your favorite topics. 

Remember to bookmark and browse these blogs regularly, and you can see yourself becoming a bonafide fintech expert this year!

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