Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to see results?

That depends on how competitive your industry is, the domain authority of your site and your monthly budget.

Based on our track record, this is what happens with most clients with budgets of under $2000/month:

  • Two weeks after we publish your first articles/pages and they are indexed, you will start getting impressions on Google.
  • After 30 days of the first pieces of content being published, you should show some clicks (traffic).
  • Within 45 days, you should have some page 1 results for target keywords.
  • After 3-4 months, you should start getting some conversions.

If your budget is higher, you will probably see results a lot faster.

Expect these results with zero backlink acquisition. If you add backlinks from high authority sites, you will get traction a lot faster.

We normally discourage clients from acquiring backlinks unless it’s for PR mentions or from top tier sites. (We have ranked for KD50+ keywords with zero backlink acquisition)

2. What’s your track record?

Check out Our Testimonials.

3. Who are your clients?

Here’s a partial list:

Time Doctor
Rosy Soil
Parallel Markets

4. Which industries have you worked in?

Project Management
Email tech
Email marketing
Public relations tech
Sales tech
Time tracking
HR tech
Call tracking, analytics and attribution
Mobile apps analytics
Sexual health and wellness
Soil and gardening
Health supplements
Alternative investments
Wine investing
Accredited investor verification/KYC
Automobiles/ Auto repair
Memory improvement

5. How much does it cost?

Check our Pricing page.

6. Can I try you out before committing to a monthly retainer?

Of course. We can do this in several ways, such as:

  • You have an article/page on Google page 2. We could optimize it to take it to page 1.
  • We could write one article for you.
  • We could create one landing page.
  • We could give you recommendations for boosting conversions on your site.

7. Do you outsource your work to anyone?


All our operations team members are full time employees. We don’t hire freelancers and we never outsource your work to anyone else.

Keeping everything in-house is a key reason why we have been able to drive hundreds of thousands of monthly organic visitors within just a year or so for our clients.

8. Do you do technical content writing?

Yes, but please note that articles that are too technical will usually not rank on Google.

That’s because 

  • Most of the people searching for technical terms will not have a very deep knowledge of the subject. 
  • Therefore an article that’s too technical will not resonate with readers.
  • Consequently, visitors will leave the page very quickly.
  • Time on page is a major Google ranking factor.
  • That tells Google that the article is not answering readers questions.
  • Consequently, Google won’t rank the page.

The Solution
Write technical articles in a way that a layperson can understand. This is something that we do exceptionally well.

9. Do you have expertise in my industry?

We have expertise in a wide range of industries including SaaS, project management, product-led growth, email tech, fintech, wine, sexual health, auto repair, insurance, fashion and many more.

Our employees have work experience and academic backgrounds in fields like computer engineering, psychology, investment banking, journalism, astrophysics, digital marketing, environmental sciences, physiology, etc.

However, whether we have experience in your industry or not is irrelevant.

Here’s why:

  • 90% of agencies have very few full-time employees. 99% of agencies outsource their work to freelancers.
  • However, all our team members are full time employees. We never outsource your work to anyone.
  • Therefore, 99% of agencies will hire a freelancer who has some experience in your industry.
  • The problem with hiring freelancers is that they rarely have the SEO expertise to get your article to rank. 

If your goal is to drive traffic and revenues, choose an agency that does not outsource your work to freelancers.

10. How do you collaborate with our internal team/other agencies?

Think of us as an extension of your internal marketing team.

We would work closely with your SEO/ content team. 

We would also like to collaborate with your:
– Google search ads team to brainstorm on what keyword clusters to target for SEO
– Ads team to brainstorm on targeting SEO-visitors with retargeting campaigns 
– Web development teams to work on site architecture and UI changes

11. What exactly will you do if we hire you?

Check out our What We Do page.