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About Startup Voyager

What is Startup Voyager? Where are we located? Why are we so good at what we do?

Startup Voyager is a top content and SEO agency working with exciting startups in the US and Europe.

We are incorporated in London, UK and Delhi, India. Our work has appeared in Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, HuffPost, and Lifehacker (US Editions).

Our clients love us because we help them grow exponentially. We have a track record of rapidly scaling up organic traffic between 4x to 20x in a year. We do this by outranking top sites on Google, such as Forbes, Capterra, Bloomberg, and Cosmopolitan.

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Employee Testimonials

Life at Startup Voyager has been fun and exciting. What I love the most is the super energetic and collaborative team and the focused leadership. Besides that, there are plenty of opportunities for learning and growth for everybody here. The best part – we get a great work-life balance here. 

Ambika, Senior Manager

Startup Voyager gives me the kind of working freedom that I never thought quite possible. I can work from wherever I want as long as there is good internet. My working schedule is my own. The team is supportive, focused, and a lot of fun – so there is minimal to no stress.

Nasa, Manager

My favorite thing about working at Startup Voyager is belonging to an accomplished and compassionate team. It’s a rare opportunity to work alongside experienced members using proven techniques. 

– Richard, Operations Manager (UK)

At Startup Voyager I get to work with an awesome and supportive team from all over the world. The work process itself is also rewarding because I get to learn something new every day and develop professionally. And we get to deliver some impressive results for our clients. 

– Vessi , Manager