The Ultimate AccuRanker Review (Features, Pricing)

AccuRanker is a rank tracker tool that keeps SEO professionals and beginners informed about how their keyword strategy is progressing.

With features like custom reporting, instant updates, and local and global rank tracking, you’ll have everything you need to climb the ladder to the top of Google search rankings!

But how accurate is AccuRanker, and more importantly, is it the right SEO tool for you?
Don’t worry – you’ll know soon enough!

In this AccuRanker review, we’ll cover what AccuRanker is, five things you can do with the tool, how much it costs, its limitations, and alternatives.

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Let’s see how we would rank AccuRanker!

What is AccuRanker?

AccuRanker is a keyword ranking tool that provides real-time updates, custom reports, keyword analytics, and more. 

Hate feeling like this?


Fortunately, with AccuRanker, there’ll be no waiting – you’ll get results in an instant!

And in addition to the tool’s super user-friendly interface, AccuRanker doesn’t limit the number of users and domains you can add – and who doesn’t love feeling limitless?

But why is rank tracking crucial for SEO?
Rank trackers help SEO professionals and beginners keep an eye on how their content is performing in the SERP (search engine results page). 

Without rank tracking, you’ll have no way of knowing whether or not your SEO and keyword strategies are paying off.

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Next, we’ll check out how AccuRanker can make sure your SEO campaign pays off.

5 Awesome Things You Can Do with AccuRanker

Here’s a list of AccuRanker key features: 

1. Get Real-Time Ranking Updates

With AccuRanker, you can get ranking data updates in seconds! This way, you can monitor your SEO strategy and keyword performance in real-time. 

To get instant updates, all you need to do is click the refresh button. Additionally, you can see how recent the keyword data is by looking at the “Age column.”


But sometimes, you only want to be notified about important keyword ranking changes. 

That’s why AccuRanker lets you “star” specific keywords that you want notifications for. Once you “star” a keyword, you’ll get notified of any changes in those keyword rankings.

You can view the number of notifications you’ve received by clicking on the AccuRanker dashboard. Here, you’ll get a SERP snapshot that looks like this:


Here’s a breakdown of the SERP snapshot report:

  • Domain Name: Your target domain’s name.
  • Number of Keywords: The number of keywords being tracked.
  • Average Rank: The Average Rank metric takes all of your keywords in the system and calculates their average keyword rank over time. 
  • Share of Voice: tells you how your most important keywords are performing.
  • Ranking Distribution: The ranking distribution is split into six different groups. This way, you can monitor changes in your keyword rankings. 

The groups are:

  • 1–3
  • 4–10
  • 11–20
  • 21–50
  • 51–100
  • Not ranking

Now, back to notifications. 
If you click on Notifications (the last column) in the table, you’ll get a ton of data like:

  • A list of notifications.
  • The affected domains.
  • The affected keywords.
  • The search engines used.
  • The location.
  • The new rank.
  • The degree of change.

The cool thing about these notifications is that you’ll only get notified about crucial keyword changes like:

  • A rank change for starred keywords.
  • A rank change or movement on highly ranked keywords.
  • A keyword that was previously unranked becomes ranked.
  • If a keyword that was once ranked becomes unranked.

This way, you won’t be bombarded with notifications for thousands of keywords that you’re not interested in.


2.  Get an Overview of Your Organic Position in the Marketplace

AccuRanker’s Share of Voice features show you if your SEO efforts are paying off. 

How does this metric work?
The Share of Voice (SoV) metric multiples your click-through rate with your search volume to give you a comprehensive view of your keyword performance in organic search. All keywords that rank between positions 1 to 20 are included in this calculation.


In addition, you’ll get a graph for your mobile or desktop keywords that shows you changes in your SoV over time:


The SoV metric can give you insight into how your most important target keywords are performing. In doing so, you’ll know if your current keyword strategy is working. 

And if it’s not, you can just…


3. Boost Your Organic Visibility

AccuRanker can help you build your organic visibility through its SERP Checker. SERP features include featured snippets, image packs, news, knowledge panel, and more. 

And right now, AccuRanker tracks over 50 different SERP features. 

However, it’s essential to understand which SERP feature drives the most organic traffic to your site. This way, you’ll know where you should focus your SEO efforts. 

That’s why AccuRanker’s new Aggregated SERP Analysis feature has an interactive graph that shows you the total amount of keywords for each SERP feature vs. how many you own:


Here’s a look at the SERP features that you can track: 

  • FAQ
  • Featured Snippet
  • Map
  • Related Questions
  • Reviews
  • Tweets
  • Site Links
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Video
  • Thumbnails
  • Sitelinks Search Box
  • Featured Video
  • News
  • Video Carousel

Additionally, AccuRanker tracks changes in SERP features over time. This way, you can spot emerging SEO trends and changes and take advantage of them before your competitors even set their sights on them!

For example, here’s how the number of featured snippets a site had changed over time:


4. Perform In-Depth Competitive Analyses

Remember the SoV metric we discussed earlier?

Well, AccuRanker lets you compare your SoV with your competitors! This way, you can see how your site is performing in comparison to your competitors.

For example, here’s the SoV graph we found in the Overview tab:


Additionally, you can track changes in your and your competitors’ SoV over time by looking at the SoV graph in the Competitors tab:


Wondering how your keyword ranking data stacks up against your competitors?
No problem!

AccuRanker lets you see which keywords your competitors are currently ranking for. For example, here is the competitive analysis report Ahrefs blog:


The report shows us the list of the target keywords we entered into AccuRanker and how Ahrefs’ competitors are performing for those exact keywords. 

In addition, you can also see which search engine the results are for, the average monthly search volume, and the exact ranking position. This way, you can monitor your competitors’ performance as well. 

5. Take Advantage of Powerful 3rd Party Integrations

A good SEO tool offers a couple of integrations with other crucial SEO apps. This way, you can combine multiple apps to create a robust SEO platform.


And you can do precisely that with AccuRanker by integrating the tool with powerful data apps like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and more.


Why are these integrations useful?

Once you integrate AccuRanker with these tools, you’ll get access to additional ranking data like:

  • Keywords potential: This metric shows you which words you should focus on when optimizing your pages.
  • Estimated monthly visitors per keyword: An estimate of how much traffic each keyword generates to a specific landing page.
  • Insights into landing pages: Get more profound insights into your landing page and how it develops over time.

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How Much Does AccuRanker Cost?

AccuRanker’s most affordable package starts at $109/month for 1,000 keywords.

With this plan, you can monitor your Google ranking, Bing ranking, and more.

Additionally, you can monitor your competitors’ organic rankings, track ranking data for mobile devices, and add your logo to client reports.

AccuRanker also has some free SEO tools. For example, you can use AccuRanker’s free SERP Checker to get accurate SERP results and rankings for any keyword. 

And if you’re interested in getting notified about any fluctuations in Google’s algorithm, AccuRanker has a free ‘Google Grump’ Rating functionality that keeps track of Google’s mood. 

And if you’re not ready to commit to any pricing plans, AccuRanker offers a 14-day free trial – no credit card required!

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But before you go ahead and invest in this tool, let’s look at a few of AccuRanker’s limitations

2 Limitations of Using AccuRanker

Here are two significant drawbacks of using this keyword rank tracking app:

1.  Can Be Expensive

AccuRanker can be expensive for some companies as it starts at $109/month for 1,000 keywords. 

However, if you’re a small agency, 1,000 keywords are probably all you’ll ever need, so upgrading to a pricier plan won’t be necessary. Not to mention, AccuRaunker’s pricing plans are quite similar to other rank trackers in the market.

Additionally, small business owners can always make use of the app’s free tools and invest in it when they’re ready!

2. Limited to Keyword Tracking

AccuRanker is exclusively a rank tracking tool.

If you want to do keyword research, backlink analysis, or competitor analysis, you’ll have to use a more comprehensive SEO solution alongside AccuRanker.

Some SEO software like Ahrefs and SEMRush actually offer all the above features in addition to a built-in rank tracker. 

However, you should note that these tools’ rank trackers aren’t as accurate or up-to-date as dedicated rank trackers like AccuRanker.

As a result, you should use AccuRanker alongside your other SEO tools. This way, you have access to both AccuRanker’s comprehensive rank tracking tools and other essential SEO functionalities.

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Want to check out some other rank tracking options? 
Not to worry – next in this AccuRanker review, we’ll introduce you to two AccuRanker alternatives that you could look at instead.

2 AccuRanker Alternatives

Here are two AccuRanker alternatives you can try out instead:

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO tool that offers accurate keyword rank tracking, traffic analysis, and social media management solutions.

The tool has a rank tracker that lets you track the positions of your site’s keywords across popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Additionally, you can select unique countries, regions, and cities.

On the downside, this AccuRanker alternative has a rank tracking feature that costs more than AccuRanker’s. For example, the most affordable package starts at $31 for 250 keywords. 

Here’s how some small businesses would react:


2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful AccuRanker alternative that boasts the world’s most extensive index of live backlinks.

In addition to the tool’s impressive database, Ahrefs has keyword research tools, organic traffic reports, and a native keyword rank tracking tool.

However, if you want additional functionalities like daily updates and increased flexibility, you’ll need to purchase rank tracker pro, which starts from $50 for 500 keywords. 

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Is AccuRanker the Right SEO Tool for You?

There’s no doubt that AccuRanker is a fantastic keyword rank tracking tool. And you can make the most out of the tool by combining it with your other SEO tools. 

But just tracking keywords isn’t enough.
You need to find the right target keywords to target and develop your own keyword strategy and SEO campaign.

But don’t worry.

You can take care of that by connecting with an SEO specialist at Startup Voyager! We can help you make sense of all your keyword data, create a fantastic SEO strategy, and drive tons of organic traffic to your website!

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