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We are also a Content Marketing Agency working with startups and small businesses across North America and Europe.

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Peter Banerjea

Peter Banerjea

Co-Founder and CEO

Before founding Startup Voyager, Peter has consulted and worked for several tech companies in a wide variety of digital marketing roles.

His work has appeared in top blogs like Entrepreneur, Inc. HuffPost, Fast Company, Lifehacker and more.

He has also delivered numerous speaking engagements for organizations like British Telecom, AXA, Kuoni, IHS Markit, JCB, GKN, Calibrated Healthcare, etc.

Peter loves experimenting with the latest developments in SEO. His current passion is all about getting articles on page one or two to the top three spots in Google.

Before stepping into entrepreneurship in 2009, Peter was a senior analyst, working for a major global investment banking client. He has an MBA in Marketing and Finance and an undergrad degree in commerce.


Joy - Startup Voyager

Joy Ghose


Joy manages operations at Startup Voyager and the content marketing team.

Before being bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, Joy was a business journalist for more than 12 years interacting with CXOs of Fortune 500 companies and leaders of several nations.

Joy’s journalistic instincts enable her to know exactly how to structure an article to compel readers to stay on your blog. She also has first-hand knowledge of what entices journalists to write your story. As a marketer, she now uses her expertise to create kick-ass content and earn placements in top publications.

Joy has an MBA in Marketing and Finance and an undergrad degree in journalism.

She is also a short story writer (published with Harper Collins) who has a weakness for almond macchiatos.


John Abishai

John Abishai

Networking and SEO Specialist

John is in charge of networking and relationships at Startup Voyager. He also leads the SEO research and analysis activities and can often be spotted hunched in front of a laptop crunching Ahrefs data till the wee hours of the morning!

He’s worked with a number of companies in content marketing roles – in areas ranging from SaaS to sports to movies. He likes to believe his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology helps him understand customers better but hey there’s only so much that Freud can teach you about marketing!

When he’s not working, he’s either painting, running after his cat, or busy preparing the most comprehensive answer to the Jordan vs Lebron debate. (Hint – it’s Jordan)



Revathi Karthik

Full-Stack Marketer

If you like our website, that’s Reva’s awesome work! She also helps our clients’ make cool landing pages that convert like crazy. She takes care of writing articles, copywriting, social media, the list goes on…

Reva was formerly a B2B full-stack marketer for Lateshipment, a company based out of Florida. She has also headed a customer advocate team and was thrilled to receive
“Your service is the best invention since sliced bread” feedback. Before defecting to Marketing, Reva was a software engineer with HP.

Reva enjoys blending data, tech, and creativity while crafting any marketing campaign. When she is not working, you will find her baking cupcakes or singing popular Disney numbers with her 8-year-old daughter.



Molly Stavang

Content Marketing Specialist

Molly takes care of writing and content optimization for SEO at Startup Voyager.

She has worked in a number of B2C marketing roles in several companies. She was formerly the General Manager at Ola Juice Bar, Colorado Springs, CO where her responsibilities included formulating customer acquisition strategies and social media management, in addition to managing the team.

Originally from the enchanting city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Molly uses her passion for international travel and interactions with several cultures around the globe to grow her knowledge of marketing and consumer behavior.

Molly is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and enjoys crunching numbers that nobody can manage to add up.



Naveen Nair

Editor and Optimization Specialist

Naveen is the budding Bruce Lee of copywriting who Peter suddenly discovered in a Christmas Market in Stuttgart, Germany. He’s surprisingly skilled at SEO optimizing articles and taking them to Google Top 3.

In a career spanning 8 years, Naveen has worked for TCS, a major IT company, sold machine tools to government institutions, worked as a content writer in a SaaS startup based out of New York and eaten 10 sundaes in one sitting (not without consequences the day after!)

In his free time, he likes to read, draw Batman cartoons and see re-run episodes of Friends.
Naveen has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


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