How to Get 100k+ Monthly Visitors with SEO in a Year

We have driven hundreds of thousands of monthly organic visitors for companies like ClickUp, GMass, Vinovest, Time Doctor, etc.

Here are a few pillars of our success:

1. Focus on Sub-Niches

Avoid creating content on every topic that’s relevant to your products. Choose a specific sub-niche for the first 3 months. Google likes hyper-focused sites.

We used this same tactic to scale a client to 1 million+ monthly organic visitors.

2. Make Your Content Way Better Than the Ranking Articles

Google will only rank you for a particular keyword if your content is more valuable than any other ranking article or page.

We use this approach to outrank giants like G2, Amazon, HubSpot, etc.

3. Publish at Scale

Publish at least 3-4 articles a week. If possible, use programmatic SEO to publish hundreds or even thousands of pages a month.

4. Avoid Wasting Budget on Low-Impact Activities

What you DON’T do is nearly as important as what you do.

Avoid spending on backlinks to articles. The vast majority of backlinks will have zero impact on SEO. 

Also, avoid spending too much on technical SEO. It doesn’t move the needle if your content is of low quality.

About the author

Startup Voyager is a content and SEO agency helping startups in North America and Europe acquire customers with organic traffic. Our founders have appeared in top publications like Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc, Huffpost, Lifehacker, etc.