The Ultimate Rank Ranger Review (Features, Pricing, Alternatives)

Wondering if Rank Ranger can outdo other rank tracking tools with its SEO superpowers? 

Rank Ranger is a highly customizable SEO suite that gives you personalized SERP (Search Engine Result Page) data, insight into your social media campaigns, and a wide range of data about your competitors.

Its host of advanced tracking features, when used together, make it as mighty as the Marvel Eternals.  

However, can this tracking tool help you boost your SEO performance and drive organic traffic to your site? 
Not to worry – We teleported ourselves to the Eternals land to find that out. 🕵️

In this Rank Ranger review, we’ll go over what Rank Ranger is, five powerful things you can do with the tool, Rank Ranger pricing, and its limitations.

We’ll also highlight the top two alternatives if you feel it lacks the SEO powers you’re looking for. 

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Let the tool exploration begin. 

What is Rank Ranger?

Rank Ranger is a comprehensive SEO and marketing software with a diverse range of tools.

The tool is pretty much like the diverse set of superpowers found in the Eternals team.

And, with cool SERP features like rank tracking, local and mobile tracking, competitor analysis, and fully customizable white-label reports, Rank Ranger is certainly the “all-powerful” Ikaris of SEO tools. 

This rank tracking software is designed to help both digital marketing agencies and individual marketers perform in-depth analyses of their SEO efforts and help them improve their SEO performance quickly. 

And if you feel lost in the SEO universe 🌌, Rank Ranger has got you covered with an exhaustive SEO glossary, a visual guide to Google SERP features, and an SEO podcast too. 

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Next, we’ll look at the features that make Rank Ranger the ultimate SEO superhero

5 Rank Ranger Features to Help You Rise up Through the Ranks 

Here are five cool things you can do with this rank and keyword tracking software:

1. Do Complete Rank Tracking

Rank Ranger can help you keep tabs on all of your keyword rankings. Be it Google SERPs, Baidu, or Bing; this rank tracker can monitor your progress across any search engine. 

It can even track rank rankings across specialty search engines like YouTube, Google’s Video Box, Google for Jobs, and Google Play. 

The keyword tracking reports include data points like the best rank, current rank, search volume, keyword difficulty, and more.

rank tracking report in rank ranger

Here’s what these metrics mean: 

  • Best rank: The highest rank your website has held for a particular keyword. 
  • Current rank: Your website’s present SERP position for a given keyword. 
  • Search volume: A metric that shows how many people are searching for that particular keyword. 
  • Keyword difficulty: Shows how difficult it is to rank in Google SERPs for that specific keyword. This score is based on page authority and search volume data. The tool then runs an algorithm to give the scores on a scale of 0 to 100.

You can also click on the arrow on the right end corner of a particular keyword to get a visibility score graph. This score is calculated based on your website’s position for a specific keyword and its search volume. 

visibility score graph in rank ranger

How does this graph help?
This score can help you assess why your website may be experiencing minimal visibility even if you’re ranking high for a given keyword. Moreover, you can click on the small icon next to the arrow icon to get a screenshot of the search results. 

SERP screenshot in rank ranger

This way, you’ll instantly understand the reason for your lower visibility (e.g., presence of SERP features like a featured snippet, local pack, knowledge graph, etc.) 

Besides keyword rankings, Rank Ranger also gives you a ton of comprehensive analytical keyword data.

Whether it’s for a specific search engine, device, or a specific market, you can completely customize Rank Ranger’s keyword tracking suite to measure your SERP performance based on your chosen metrics. 

And that’s not all.

You can even integrate this rank tracking tool with Google Analytics to get insight into how you can boost your website’s performance. 

Sorta like how the Eternals combine their powers to create a uni-mind. 

2. Competitor Analysis 

Rank Ranger helps you analyze your site’s performance against its top competitors. 

It does this by giving you important aggregate metrics for each of your competitors, like visibility score, the number of keywords in the top 20 Google search results, and the total search volume. 

competitor analysis graph in rank ranger

You can also do an in-depth analysis of each competitor to survey their rank compared to your own. 

side by side competitor comparison in rank ranger

Simply click on the arrow next to your competitor’s rank to do a quick landing page performance analysis. Moreover, follow the same approach for your competitor’s higher-ranking landing pages to beat them at their own game. 😎

Another great feature of this tool is its 30-days rank trend graph that shows the ranking fluctuations of the top 20 ranking websites for a particular keyword. 

30 days rank trend graph in rank ranger

This tracking tool also records the past positions of the top 20 pages and shows you any changes in their title tag, meta description, and URL slugs. 

rank ranger showing changes in title tag or meta descriptions

Such data analytics can help you figure out the different strategies your competitors are using to rank higher and how it’s affecting their overall rankings.

3. Mobile and Local SEO 

Rank Ranger can also help you optimize your content for mobile devices or local SEO.

With this keyword tracking tool, you can track mobile rank fluctuations for your website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

mobile ranking data in rank ranger

Here are the mobile-specific SERP features and ranking data points highlighted by Rank Ranger:

  • Video carousel: A sliding row of video thumbnails that appear at the top of Google  SERPs.
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Pages coded in a restricted HTML version and cached by Google so that they can load faster than other mobile-friendly web pages.
  • Featured Snippet: Short webpage excerpts that answer a user’s question quickly.
  • Landing page: The web page ranking for a specific keyword. 
  • Baseline: The rank of your webpage on the first day the keyword was added to the campaign.
  • Best Rank: The top rank your webpage has held for the keyword. 
  • Rank: The current rank being held by your webpage. 
  • Overall change: The overall change between the baseline rank and the last checked rank.

And when it comes to local SEO, you can set specific location settings for a country, state, or a specific zip code to reach your target audience.

You can also check your local packs rankings inside the main rank tracking dashboard itself. 

local SEO data in rank ranger

Note: Local packs is a SERP feature that appears on the first page of search results for any query with local intent. 

Moreover, you can add Google My Business insights and customer reviews to your local SEO reporting. This can help you create more comprehensive, white label reports for your clients.

4. Social Media Analytics

You can also use Rank Ranger to monitor your social media marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Since this rank tracking tool integrates with Google Analytics, you can easily map the effects of your social media campaigns on your organic traffic. 

Moreover, you can even create a custom graph to combine data from different social media platforms – for example, Twitter mentions, Facebook post reach, or total social media traffic. 

customized social media graph in rank ranger

Your clients can view these social media analytics via their client dashboard, or you can send these custom graph reports in a PDF format. 

5. White Label Reports 

Rank Ranger’s white labeling feature lets you communicate your SEO efforts and marketing successes with your client the way you want. 

You can customize this tool’s marketing dashboard with your client’s website branding. You can also select which report, custom graph, and tracking widget you want to include in your reporting dashboard.

white label dashboard in rank ranger

If you wish to share periodic white label reports (daily, weekly, monthly, or annual) with your client, you can do that too by generating automated PDF reports. 

And, if you’re unsure which data points to include, you can try their built-in templates to create client reports using standard formats.

Besides these top-class features, Rank Ranger also offers some other notable functionalities:

  • Link Manager: Lets you organize, track and analyze your backlinks for effective link building. 
  • Keyword Research Suite: Helps you target the most lucrative keywords ideas for your content from its big data center to meet your marketing goals. 
  • Integrations: Rank Ranger offers 3rd party integrations with tools like Google Search Console to help you get detailed keyword analytics like impressions, number of clicks, click-through-rate, and more. Such data points can help you optimize your Google Ads and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. 
Google Analytics data synced in rank ranger

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Eager to try out these fantastic SERP features? 
But before you do that, let’s find out how much it’ll cost to get your hands on these SEO features.

How Much Does Rank Ranger Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of Rank Ranger’s paid plans:

  • Lite ($79/month)
    • 500 Keywords
    • 15 Dashboards
    • 25,000 site crawls
    • Social analytics 
    • And more
  • Standard ($149/month)
    • 1,000 Keywords
    • 30 Dashboards
    • 50,000 site crawls 
    • Social analytics
    • And more
  • Pro (from $699/month)
    • 5,000+ Keywords
    • 100+ Dashboards
    • 100,000 site crawls
    • Social analytics 
    • And more
  • Premium (from $2,700/month)
    • 25,000+ Keywords
    • 250+ Dashboards
    • 100,000 site crawls
    • Social analytics
    • And more

In addition to these four paid plans, you can also create your own customized plan or request a quote. Even try out any of these plans with a 14-day free trial. 

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However, before you take the plunge and sign up for any of the above plans, you should know that, like all Eternals, even Rank Ranger isn’t invincible.

But don’t worry. We’ll cover the tool’s blind spots to prepare you for any SEO tool face-off.

2 Limitations of Rank Ranger

Here are two significant drawbacks of using this rank tracking tool: 

1. Inaccurate Bing Keyword Tracking 

There’s no denying that Rank Ranger offers pretty accurate Google SERP data.  

But when it comes to other search engines like Bing, users have had some data accuracy issues. 

However, these data accuracy issues are super rare occurrences. Additionally, any SEO agency can benefit from all the juicy Bing data that this tool does provide.

2. Confusing Interface

Rank Ranger is chock-full of features that sometimes make its interface confusing and overwhelming for newbies. 

Also, since the tool has evolved over the years, many changes have been made to its user interface and reporting features, making it hard for marketers to keep up. 

But don’t worry, this tool won’t make your eyes turn all fiery with frustration like Ikaris 😵,

Rank Ranger has a variety of support docs and visual guides that can help you if you ever get stuck. 

Additionally, once you’ve gotten the hang of the tool’s features, you can use its in-depth SERP data to make the most accurate SEO decisions for your clients. 

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Still not sure if you’re ready to bet your money on this SEO software? 
No worries – next, we’ll cover two Rank Ranger alternatives.

Top 2 Rank Ranger Alternatives

Here are two other fantastic SEO tools you can try out: 

1. SE Ranking 

Just like Rank Ranger, SE Ranking is an all-inclusive SEO software. 

Whether you’re an individual marketer or an SEO agency, this keyword tracking tool can help you with keyword research, site audit, competitor analysis, backlinks monitoring, and the works. 

However, when it comes to reporting your SEO efforts to your client, SE Ranking only offers its white label reporting feature under its higher-priced plans. 

Not a feast to your ears, isn’t it? 
On the other hand, white label reporting is an integrated functionality available with all Rank Ranger plans. 

2. Pro Rank Tracker 

Pro Rank Tracker can help you monitor your content performance on popular search engines. 

The tool offers keyword ranking data, SERP analysis, local or mobile keyword tracking, rank change updates, and more. 

However, the tool isn’t as comprehensive as Rank Ranger – it doesn’t offer functionalities like backlinks analysis, keyword difficulty scores, or site audits. 

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Is Rank Ranger the Eternal SEO Tool You’ve Been Searching for? 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO software with every possible SERP functionality that you can imagine, Rank Ranger certainly ranks number one on that list. 

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most comprehensive and highly customizable SEO tools on the market. Not to mention, this marketing software offers flexible pricing plans to suit your requirements and a 14-days free trial. 

But, if you need help understanding all the ranking data provided by this tool or some SEO strategy advice, connect with the SEO professionals at Startup Voyager! We can help you craft a no-fail keyword strategy and conversion-based content that’ll grow your website’s traffic exponentially!

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